Kame or Yamapi? Find out in the duo’s music video for “Senaka goshi no Chance”

Kame and Yamapi competes in a series of silly games, goes karaoke, and gives tribute to “Shuji to Akira” in their newest music video for “Senaka goshi no Chance”. Who wins? Check out their PV below.

Have you checked out their latest single? “Kame to Yamapi” released their newest single last May 17. Included in the single is the song “Gyakuten Revolution”, the ‘answer song’ to “Seishun Amigo”. They will be performing the song in a special medley for Music Station on May 26.

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    • monica_monami

      Their new single is meh. Seishun amigo was better.

      • I personally think, combined all the songs in this single and Seishun Amigo’s, this latest single was more interesting and better in term of selection of songs.

    • There are two pictures of Yamapi on the front page right now, with a difference of like 20 pounds between them.

      • Guest

        I miss his chubby cheeks and meaty body during akira era, nobuta and seishun amigo.
        He looks mature and skinny now. still looking great though.

        • Guest

          yamapi skinnier during seishun amigo eras than now. he only started getting fat during his kurosagi days lol

          • Guest

            at least he still had his chubby cheeks during nobuta/seishun amigo lol
            but yeah, kurosagi, he was buff.

    • HoneyDew

      The song is rich.. I mean it’s growing on me after listening it several times.. And the vibes in the PV are of happy ones.. after a day’s stress,i prefer listening to this song.. it improves my mood.. Ah..both Kame and Pi are drool worthy..😊 love both…

      I don’t care what haters have to say..

    • kazumi

      The parts which I like from this PV are the games part & when they wore normal costumes. Their smile look so happy.

    • Dalooshe

      Aww they wore the uniforms :’))))

    • TY JH

      My favorite song from their album is Gyakuten Revolucion, I love it much more than Seishun Amigo lol, but Senaka goshi no chance is great song too, it’s a happy song^^

    • Kameneko223

      I will be receiving mg copies soon and promised not to watch the pv yet but i can’t help it. They’re too adorable esp. my Baby Kame!

    • Jug’Crispy

      I didn’t feel it was necessary to have the seishun amigo going on in the back since it so different, but they know how to get us fans in our feels lol. Just glad to see them together.

      At the start, I really wanted to she Maki with them, but it’s sort of like the drama. Akira and Shuji ended up together, leaving Nobuta. In my mind, this IS the continuation. Nobuta went on to get married and start a family, and this is what Akira and Shuji are doing. Crap, I’ve become a fantic writer. Might as well add a dark side were Shuji and Akira has to rescue Nobuta from an abusive relationship (not that she actually is in one). That would be an Epic continuation.

      I’m not beings serious, just weird. ;)

    • ran

      Cute and catchy but this has nothing on the rest of the single. Kame looks great in the outfit in the header!

    • angel223_

      this song is just okay unlike the rest in the single, awesome single as expected to Kame and Pi! from pv making, photoshoot, and esp the songs.

      I love ~follow me~ badass porn song, lol

    • Karen Khoo

      They wore school uniforms!! Nobuta power!!

    • Army FiShY


    • At first, I didnt like the song so much but after listening to it fully and watching the PV, I ended up really loving it! But the real winner in the single is Gyakuten Revolucion tho. When I listen to it, you can hear Seishun Amigo beat as well in it. Plus, they took part of the Seishun Amigo’s lyrics in the song as well. That is why I’m not surprised it is the answer song to their 1st single since it matched like a puzzle. Great single, I like every song in it!