Hey! Say! JUMP to release new single “OVER THE TOP”

Hey! Say! JUMP is back and ready to kick off their 10th year anniversary with the release of new single “OVER THE TOP” on February 22!

Just like last year’s hit single “Fantastic Time”, “OVER THE TOP” will be used as the opening theme of the second cour of the anime series “Time Bokan 24”.

Their 19th single will display the various different sides of Hey! Say! JUMP.  “OVER THE TOP” will once again demonstrate the group’s synchronicity with a dramatic dance.  Coupling song “Vanilla Ice” is described as a funk love song.  We will also be getting a second music video for the song “Funky Time”, featuring those winning idol smiles and will sure to rid all your worries.  “PARTY!!” is an exciting elctro house number and the graduation-themed “Our Days” will be a medium tempo ballad.


Limited Edition 1

OVER THE TOP Hey! Say! JUMP limited 1



  2. Vanilla Ice
  3. Vanilla Ice (Original karaoke track)


・“OVER THE TOP” music video + making-of

Limited Edition 2

OVER THE TOP Hey! Say! JUMP limited 2



  2. Funky Time
  3. Funky Time (Original karaoke track)


・“Funky Time” music video + making-of

Regular Edition

OVER THE TOP Hey! Say! JUMP regular



  2. PARTY!!
  3. Our Days
  4. OVER THE TOP (Original karaoke track)
  5. PARTY!! (Original karaoke track)
  6. Our Days (Original karaoke track)

(via J-storm)

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    • H

      Did Yamada lose a lot of weight? His face is way sharper and he looks much leaner.

      • Michie

        He has been losing weight for his new movie role in “Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki”

        • Monique Septia

          i cant wait for the movie tho.. he put a lot of effort so it will be good >.<

      • juri

        they’re shopping his face sharper bc he does not look like that in person, his jawline is different.

        • asdf

          In photoshots he always gets the strongest shadows too, so the shape seems different.

    • Niña

      First listen at OVER THE TOP: needs a bit more oomph for me? But I like how it’s fast-paced, I like the distribution of lines, and some members mentioned that it also had a challenging choreography (same choreographer as FT) so I’m looking forward to seeing that. Wonder how Funky Time sounds like tho? I though that other song with the PV would be Smile in Summer, but apparently it’s a new song, so can’t wait to hear that as well!

      • Michie

        Right! I almost forgot about their new CM song. I really liked it so I wonder why it’s not included on this single?

        • Niña

          Wondering the same! Or maybe it’s for another release? New single or a track in the album maybe?

      • rshina

        since the title is Smile in Summer, maybe it will be released in Summer?

        • Niña

          Thought the same when I found out it wasn’t being released with OVER THE TOP. Since their albums usually get released around summer, it can be an album track? Or they can pull a Maji Sunshine and release it around May-ish.

    • Monique Septia

      actually i like over the top more than fantastic time >.< so i have a really high expectations on this, especially since they mention this is one of the hardest choreo they had.. rise jump rise!!

    • guest

      Their covers are always so boring. They should have used this pic:


      • bailey darbii

        omg this is forcing me to look at their eyebrows….omg

    • ja-anon


      • k

        stop linking spam

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      The covers are sick. To be honest I’m not feeling over the top about the single, yeah. But since what is out is the preview, I’m expecting more for the full song and single album. 💕

    • eplizo

      Loveee their uptempos almost every time. Can’t wait to hear it.