Hey! Say! JUMP releases best album details and Precious Girl music video

Hey! Say! JUMP dances and gets goofy in their latest music video for Precious Girl. Also check out the released PV for Are You There? by sub unit A.Y.T. consisting of members Arioka Daiki, Yaotome Hikaru and Takaki Yuya.

Covers and tracklist details are out for the group’s upcoming 10th anniversary best album “Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I/O” to be released on July 26. More info below!

Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I/O

The complete tracklist were previously announced. 2 Bonus tracks are included in the regular edition:

Bonus Tracks
12. I/O (pronunciation: Inputto Autoputto)
13. H.our Time (pronunciation: Awaa Taimu)

Limited Edition 1

Limited Edition 2


  • Comments

    • faifantc

      I still can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years for them. :) They still feel like a newer and young group to me.

      • Agreed. Like Yamada/Chinen still looks like kids. So, if he has any serious relationship with girls in his dramas in work settings, I could never buy it lol

    • jking

      When will they ever change the cheap tacky photoshopped covers

    • Jug’Crispy

      HSJ ver: Precious Girl / Are You There?
      My ver: Home Girl / Where You At?

    • Monique Septia

      not satisfied with the cover design but the one with jump pic made up for it <3

    • ppfls

      I wish Takaki would keep his hair like in the AYT PV. It’s already starting to look like his forever gokusen era hair again -_-“

    • ppfls

      loved Precious Girl PV. Letting the boys be the dorks they are was a great move

    • gab

      Tokyo Sport is reposting the 4p underage rape rumor again and saying the “ultra popular” idols involved are getting arrested?
      HSJ name keep popping up. if this is some sick pr strategy by J&A, they need to stop. They need to issue an official denial.

      • AoZora

        True ,.. IF THIS is part of PR,then they should immediate realize it is damaging the image of the group.. I think no publicity is bad publicity thing as gotten into their head..

    • AoZora

      Nice peppy song… Nice choreography too :)

    • yamakita

      Another mediocre single from them…

    • L

      I am quite disappointed with how the voting for the best songs turned out. I was expecting more from the S3ART songlist cause it’s their best album to date and still. This single is forgetable.

    • Sabina B.

      they are so lit though omg. can’t wait for the best album ~

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