Hey! Say! JUMP grooves in “OVER THE TOP” and gets outdoor fun in “Funky Time” PV

Hey! Say! JUMP rings in their 10th anniversary this year with the release of their newest single “OVER THE TOP”.  This 19th single overflows with energetic feelings and hope, connecting past, present, and future and opening up new situations.

The music video for the “OVER THE TOP” showcases the group’s dramatic dance. “Funky Time” PV on the other hand takes the group outdoors and aboard a double-decker bus for a fun-filled break. Check out their latest videos below!

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    • Niña

      I like the contrast of both videos, shows that the group can handle a serious dance and but also a fun vibe all the same. And I like how Funky Time isn’t saccharine, either, but more fun and happy. Songs are a bit average tho, but their respective videos save them, at least. But I love that they keep leveling up HSJ’s dances because it’s definitely one of their stronger points. Hope they keep going with that. All in all, I think it’s a good start to their 10th year and I can’t wait to see more of their activities/releases.

      • iiij

        What do you consider as their above average single songs?

        I’m just starting to know about their music. I do like Ride With Me & Give Me Love. OTT sounded better than Fantastic Time.

        • Niña

          Ride With Me is hella amazing, but I might be biased HAHAHAHA. But yea, I think some of their singles are just a bit above average too. But if singles according to what you prefer, I suggest my fave Ride With Me (I also advise you search for the RWM2016 Music Station Ultra Fes performance, they rocked that), the recent releases (OTT is a bit average but it’s okay, Fantastic Time, GML), Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, Your Seed, SUPER DELICATE, AinoArika, Masquerade (album song, but it’s the one that got the PV). I’d suggest Weekender but I got sick of the countless times they’ve performed it already hahahaha but it’s still worth listening to. Maji Sunshine is also super fun and energetic. Oh, and the iconic debut single Ultra Music Power of course.

          If you wanna take into consideration album songs/B-sides, off the top of my head, those composed by Tommy Clint are usually my faves. Those would be: Hurry Up!, Beat Line (this song was wasted as a B-Side track), BOUNCE, FOREVER, Boys Don’t Stop and SUPERMAN. However if you really wanna get into HSJ, I suggest listening to the whole of S3ART (3rd album). A lot of the members contributed in writing/composing in that album, and I still think it’s their best to date. Special mentions would be: RELOAD (written by Daiki) and Come Back…? (written and composed by Hikaru). For unit songs (7/BEST/album units) I suggest: SuRiRu (Thrill), Scramble, Speed It Up by Hey! Say! BEST, Wonderland Train, Just For You, Party Monster by Hey! Say! 7. Unit (trios or duos) songs I like: My Girl, Mr. Flawless, UNION, and all three unit songs from S3ART. I suggest both Sensations singles too. And you should also give a listen to Boku Wa Vampire and order (especially this, all of them sound great in this one).

          Sorry for blabbing LOL, but yea I hope that sort of helped you?

          • TruthSpeaker

            You sure seem to be HSH fan for a long time… I have recently started following them.. Will check out some of the songs you have suggested… :p

            • Niña

              Been a fan of Johnny’s since 2006, so I literally watched the HSJ members as Jrs. and witnessed the actual formation of the group hahahaha. But yep, have fun listening!

          • m

            I agree with all of these, but I’d add to listen to DEAR as well! Jumping Car (4th album) wasn’t as good as s3mart (too many filler tracks, a lot of which felt too “idol” – like the would fit great on their second album). But DEAR was fantastic and much more to the level of s3art, if not better, in my opinion. (Chinen is EVERYWHERE <3 which helps for me as a Chii fan)

            You my friend have a great taste in JUMP music. Your selections are great! lol definitely showing JUMP at their best.

          • chemicalinsomnia

            Wow, I’m new to their music and only listened to DEAR, which I loved. This will be helpful to discover more of them. Thank you

      • TruthSpeaker

        Yes. I do agree that the songs are average. But the choreography of “OVER THE TOP” is very good. I usually enjoy JUMP’s PVs which have well choreographed dance moves.. The last one I liked was ” Fantastic Time”.

        Hey! Say! Jump should give such treats to fans regularly.

        • Niña

          Oh yea, definitely. The choreography is impeccable, and I’m not shocked that HSJ pulled it off. Dance is one of their stronger points, as I did say. I love Fantastic Time too, but I think my fave HSJ dance song/vid would be Ride With Me (mostly because it’s my fave single too and I’m a bit biased lol).

          They should, but Funky Time is also refreshing to see. I think that dance vids are great and all, but fans/people might get sick of them if that’s what they constantly release. So I’m glad they released a carefree and fun vid too!

    • Ryusei

      Keito looks so good in the over the top PV, I can’t get over it

      • Jo

        I like his hair being styled that way, unfortunately he cut if off :(

    • What

      The video time between all the members are so equal, i love it lol if this was my first time watching a HSJ music video, I would never have guessed that Yamada is a “centre”
      Also, I really love the concept for Funky Time, its not unique or that original but it just fits HSJ so much imo??

    • OT

      OT but V6’s Can’t get Enough is amazing!

    • Monique Septia

      i like the funky time pv more but their song vanilla ice is really addictive :D

    • Nikki ok

      not into hsj but these songs are quite good, I like over the top better, the choreo is cool in those black outfits and the song is nice

    • leven_heap

      fall in love with ‘over the top’ after the second time listen to the song.along with the catchy choreo, pv looks so cool.
      yuto n keito look so fine in pv.chooo kakkoiiii

    • rshina

      I’m just glad they’re given a nice song these days. (I dislike Kimi Attraction)

    • eplizo

      Loveeeee both. I surprisingly prefer Funky Time though, cause I assumed Over The Top would be more to my taste lol. I love the Funky Time MV so much too. They all look amazing in it and like they genuinely enjoyed filming it.

    • Jo

      I like Over the top. They look so fine there. The outfits are simple but bring out the mature side of them. Funky time is alright. Not as catchy.

    • Momo_Chan

      for the one who didn’t know, they second video “Funky Time” with the Red Bus is dedicated to UK Group Band Icon the Beatles. They’re wearing the suites exactly the same suites design with the Beatles suite design. You can google one of their album and video clip also (look trough youtube to find out The Beatles) and the last pieces with the Leather Sofa also their tribute to the Beatles iconic Madame Tussauds exhibiton wax. The band sitting in the same leather sofa in the exhibition. Just to let you know. I am from UK btw ;)

    • aika

      So it needs 10 years for them to become adult. I’ve been watching them for 9 years, I’m glad I didn’t give up, lol.

      Definitely love Over the Top’s dance, even though the song is so-so for me, because I still prefer Fantastic Time. They surely can pull difficult choreography like this song, or Beat Line, Bounce, Fantastic Time, why they were given song like Chau? 😂

      I enjoy Funky Time too. It really is JUMP-like, but somehow it’s not childish, and everyone looks good. 😍

    • Yuki

      sugoi minna-san.

    • yamakita

      As the Johnny’s groups get older, the songs get suckier. Hitomi no Screen janai!

    • them turtle necks why.

      I like Over The Top as a song.