FAMM’IN newest track “animus” MV to be released on March 23!

Have you ever heard of our lord and saviour, Gagaku Trap?

FAMM’IN has been performing in lots of sports events these last months, but sadly, their release agendas are not nearly as hectic as their live agendas. That’s the reason why fans rejoiced when a new single, “animus”, was announced back in 2016. However, the track went dormant for five months, leaving fans questioning what happened to that track. Wonder no more, as it has just been announced the release date of the MV: March 23rd (next Thursday!). That’s not all, as they have released seven new teasers in which each one of the members dance and sing to a now revealed rap part. This track has been classified by the group as “Gagaku Trap”, alluding to the mix of modern day electronic sounds and the culture and folklore from the traditional Japan this super-unit is famous for. Check the seven teasers just after the jump!

FAKY – Anna Version

FAKY – Lil’ Fang Version

FAKY – Mikako Version

FAKY – Akina Version

FEMM – RiRi Version

FEMM – LuLa Version

Yup’in Version

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    • Thomas

      I feel like FEMM aren’t even trying anymore to be honest.. I liked their creative concept when they first came out but nowadays they’re either not even bothering with wigs and costumes or still recycling the ones used in their first few music videos after like 3 years…

      • Bam

        When FEMM first came to the scene, I’ve always associated them as AyaBambi wannabe.

        • Sou

          These comparisons started long time ago and they even had to post this. The fact that they both vogue is the core of their performances, but there’s much more. AB is much more fluid, organic and spectacular; while FEMM takes the “mannequin dance” concept to the extreme. They pursue different concepts, the only way in which they could be AyaBambi wannabes is for learning from them, not for trying to be the same as them.

    • Can’t wait ~ My beautiful girls, ganbatte FAMM’IN 😍

    • iGleaux

      Man I’m happy I don’t have to wait much longer.