FAMM’IN explores the harder side of Gagaku Trap in “animus” MV

Super-unit FAMM’IN (formed by the union of FAKY, FEMM and Yup’in) long journey until finally releasing their second work “animus” since they first teased it seems to finally conclude as they have now released its MV as previously reported and announced the release date for the track: March 29th. “animus” turns out to be a much harder song than “circle”, though their signature “Gagaku Trap” sound is as strong as in their first work. In the MV, the seven girls (or should I say, the five girls and two mannequins) perform in front of a gigantic LED screen. Check the MV, premiered on DAZED, just after the jump!

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    • Jo

      I didn’t like the rap when I first heard the song. It isn’t as good as Circle but it grows on me.

    • Nope

      This sounds like FAKY more than anything else. Unrelease it.

    • So much potential is wasted with this gagakutrap bullshit. They could birng out really good pop singles and leave this tryhard hiphop/trap shit.

      • Sou

        But they are delivering something truly original, they have developed a truly singular sound, and and they have received good critics since they formed. I don’t think that sacrificing this to make more run-of-the-mill pop would be the best move.

        • It is original, I’ll give them that, but it’s not good. If they wanted to make trap-influenced music, why not make it good trap-influenced music? This is just bland, talking over a simple beat.

      • umm

        Thats why the separate groups exist.

        • Great, but they could’ve joined forces and make even better pop singles. This gagakutrap isn’t their style.

    • kind of like it. not the best. glad they rap shows a new side of j-pop to k-pop but does not sound right