FAKY to release major label debut EP in June

Almost four years have passed since girl group FAKY debuted, and after several digital singles and a major reestructuration that stepped up their level as a whole, finally their Major Label Debut Mini-Album is upon us! While information is still scarce, we know that it’s gonna be released in June and it’s gonna feature the already released “CANDY”, “Surrender” and “Are You OK?”; two new songs: “Bad Things”, “Someday We’ll Know” (although it has already been used as “Air Asia” CM song); and the already revealed though unreleased track used for their “FAKY is BACK” teasers, “Keep Out”, for a total of six tracks! The album will be released in three different editions: a CD+DVD, a CD Only, and a Promotional CD edition. Check all info about them just after the jump!

CD Only Contents

  1. Keep Out
  2. CANDY
  3. Are You OK?
  4. Bad Things
  5. Surrender
  6. Someday We’ll Know
    • Bonus Tracks: Remix Tracks

CD+DVD Contents

  1. CANDY Music Video
  2. Are You OK? Music Video
  3. Surrender Music Video
  4. Someday We’ll Know Music Video
    • Bonus: Some making movies

Promotional CD Contents
[Promotional CD]

  1. CANDY
  2. Bad Things
  3. Surrender
  4. Someday We’ll Know

Check these songs and info about them!

Keep Out



(via FAKY Official Site)

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    • relmy

      Maybe I’m confused, but haven’t they always been on Avex? Calling it a ‘major label debut’ doesn’t really work when it’s… their actual debut on the major label they’ve always been on? Are they trying to give them a cooler image or something?

      • Sakura Harano

        It’s just their major debut under Avex.

        • hhhh

          but they debuted years ago – this is just their first nationwide CD release.

          • Sakura Harano

            That’s how it works in Japan, a major debut means the start of selling physical CDs.

        • rshina

          if this is their major debut, then what about their 4 years ago debut?
          I’m perfectly confused now

          • Sakura Harano

            In Japan, a major debut pretty much marks the start of releasing physical CDs. They debuted in July 2013 with “Better Without You” and they were supposed to make their major debut in April 2014 with a mini album but it got cancelled and later led to the hiatus of FAKY.

        • Sou

          Pretty much as hhhh said, it’s the fact that it’s a physical CD release. They have had several digital singles and two EPs, and even distribued CANDY physical copies at concert venues, though this is the first time you will be able to physically buy their CDs. Charisma.com and Suiyoubi no Campanella just had their major label debut albums too, and they have been known for several years. The word “debut” is used with a slightly different meaning we are used to know, it’s not debut as in “starting the career”, it’s just “first physical CD backed by a major label”

          • relmy

            No, that’s just a physical debut. All their digital releases were still under Avex, a major label. Suiyoubi’s previous releases were indie releases, and then they signed to Avex – hence it being a major label debut.

            FAKY have always been on Avex, so they’ve always been major.

            • Sou

              Well, so then they consider “physical debut” as “true debut”, leaving the digital releases aside. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s just the way they call it. It’s just like KPop “comebacks”. Everything in KPop is a comeback, you can have a steady release of material year after year and every one of them would be a comeback, something illogical: how are you coming back if you never left??

              The same applies here, you gotta see it knowing that there, “debut” doesn’t have the same exact meaning it usually has.

              • relmy

                It isn’t the word ‘debut’ I’m taking issue with, it’s them framing it as a ‘major label debut’, implying they had an actual debut on a non-major label. It’s just an interesting wording choice and, as I said in my original comment, makes me wonder if it’s intentional as part of their branding. To make them seem more distant from the idol image of other Avex girl groups.

                • hhhh

                  It seems like none of the Japanese news sources covering this are calling it a “major debut” anyway – it’s just being called a “メジャー第一弾CD” release, or “their first major-label CD”, and the debut term is some mistranslation that’s happened along the way to Arama.

                  • Sou

                    Their official website tagged it as “Major Debut Mini Album”, so I followed that naming, adding the “label” word cause it’s the usual naming we give to these releases.

                  • Sakura Harano

                    It’s not a mistranslation, it is said all the time with artist/group making a major debut under a label with a physical CD.

                • Sou

                  Oh, my apologies, I honestly didn’t get your point. Sorry!
                  And yes, that’s a topic that’s really debatable: “it’s their major label debut album? Yes, it’s true, though they didn’t have any other, so there’s no real need to emphasize it.” I get your point.

                  • relmy

                    No worries, I think it all got a little confused through replying to different people!

    • Dave

      It’s about time

    • Tim Kelley

      Are you ok? MV??? YASSS PLEASE

    • nijiminto

      love them