FAKY Gets Colorful in “Candy” PV

On May 24, FAKY will release their new digital EP, “CANDY.” The album will feature the songs the group released to streaming services when they were relaunched, as well as a few new songs. There will also be a new version of their debut song, “Better Without You”, as a bonus track.

Today, FAKY released the music video for one of the songs that was previously available for streaming, “Candy.” It’s a bright, colorful affair that features dancing naked cartoons. Check it out after the jump!

1. Pretty
2. Afterglow
3. Are You OK?
4. You
5. Candy
6. Better Without You -Retake Version- (Album purchase only track on iTunes)


  • Comments

    • gabeagat

      I love it! I wish they could get more popular, they’re a pretty solid group

    • Yama92

      My favorite track since they relaunched, the MV is so bright and colourful although wasn’t feeling the animation and they choreography. Nonetheless solid and they delivered Queen Anna! The preview of Pretty from the EP sound’s great. So keep on promoting them avex.

    • nothingsover

      Animation and choreo were eh but MV as a whole, outfits, and song are awesome <3 Stoked for the EP.

    • Oh I love them :3

    • jiiko

      Love them♥