E-girls’ Dream and Flower release PVs for “Darling” and  “Akikaze no Answer”

All established individual groups of EXILE sister group E-girls will be releasing singles for the first three weeks of November. Dream will release their 25th single “Darling“, Flower with their 8th single “Akikaze no Answer” and Happiness with their 7th single “Seek A Light“.

Check out the information and PVs below.

Dream’s new song “Darling” is the group’s 25th single and their second major release as a 4-member group. It will be released in two editions: CD+DVD and CD Only, with two more editions available exclusively through mu-mo and the E-girls official fanclub. The title track was used as theme song for Tepika’s mini CM.

Dream’s “Darling” will be released November 5.

Following their June single “Nettaigyo no Namida”, dance and vocal group Flower are set to return with their 8th single titled “Akikaze no Answer“. It will be released in three editions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD Only edition, and a limited press CD-only edition. The title track was used as the theme song for the drama “Binta!” while the coupling song “Flower Garden” was used as theme song for JOL CM.

FLOWER’s “Akikaze no Answer” will be released November 12.

Happiness is also releasing their 7th single “Seek A Light“. It will released in four editions: Limited CD+DVD, Regular CD Only, One Coin CD and 8 MUSIC CARD versions, one per member and a group version. Details for this single are not yet release.

HAPPINESS’s “Seek A Light” will be released November 19.

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    • Omnirosa

      Dream’s song is cute

      • Coffee

        omg your dp is pheobe tonkin

    • Hlynb93

      I’m in love with both of the songs, the visuals are gorgeous as always and their voices sound really good too

    • rocketjenny

      flower’s is kinda forgettable, but at least it’s upbeat!

    • Lila

      Aww I really like both songs, but I feel like the Dream song should have been released in summer XD everything about it screams summer, and I feel like Japan is really big on the seasonal feel of their songs :)

    • yanderenightmares

      Both are beautifully done videos and Erie looks gorgeous. What’s the name of the Flower girl with the sparkly dark blue top?
      Also, can’t wait for the Happiness single. Hopefully it’s just as good as Juicy Love.

      • GReeeeN

        Nakajima Mio (Miocchin) FYI, she’s one of the four original members.

        • yanderenightmares

          Thank you soo much. I really like her ever since I knew of Flower but never got to knowing her name.

      • There’s already a preview out and from the sound of it, the song will be glorious!


        • yanderenightmares

          Thank you. I’m loving it already. Can’t wait for the MV!!!!! Also, great tumblr page. Just what I need for my LDH obsession.

          • You’re welcome :D
            Heuheuheu I try my best X3

    • Aki

      From E-Girls, for some reason I can’t still quite understand, the only group that has appealed to my taste is Flower. They are essentially the same formula, but I dunno why only they resonate with me. I don’t dislike the rest, but I don’t really feel attracted to them. Sometimes I wonder about this, but I can’t seem to find any explanation for that. I wonder if others feel the same?

      • because they’re not the same formula. They are performance groups yes, but Dream aren’t. Then the concept for Flower is completely different from Happiness and Dream. Their music is closer to 3JSB (Matsuo-san writes a lot for both groups), and their music is closer to Juliet’s ballads, than anyone else in the house, except for some old LOVE tracks, and they are disbanded already. Flower’s themes are always more flourescent, mature, nostalgic, and have this feel of melancoly in it. While the other groups are just the opposite. Also, E-Girls whole theme is another story, they aim to spirit up people and give them energy, so when you have depressing-themed songs like Flowers, with its beauty and such, you get quite the contrary. You get fascinated and all, but not spirited up.

        • I didn’t wanna comment on this coz I didn’t know how to put my thoughts into words but you made it clear. If you get deep into the groups, you can find what makes them different from each other and then you get E-girls, which is also totally different.

          Since you explained Flower’s concept let me talk about Happiness’. Happiness concept is simple; to make you happy with uplifting (genki) and happy first love songs (catering to female teenagers) but they’re evolving as they age which I really like. Also Happiness was initially a performance group, meaning that all members including the vocalists would participate in the dance solos (as you can see in their old music videos). It is only after the members changes that they went back to the original EXILE formula where vocalists leave the dancing to the performers (Karen still participates in E-girls solo/team dances.)

          Dream has a long history so I don’t really feel I can describe their sound/concept.

          BTW, Matsuo Kiyoshi only wrote Still for VBA3 which became Flower’s debut single but he composed 3 main songs for Happiness (Kiss Me, Friends and Sunshine Dream.) He also didn’t make any song for 3JSB other than their VBA2 debut single, Best Friend’s Girl. So your sentence up there is kinda wrong (^^;)

          • I think I had it mixed then. I remembered founding more tracks from him in both groups, but maybe I remember tha wrong, sorry for the misinformation.

            • mixed with… … BREATHE? /runs

              • nah, one of the lyricists and I think they share some other songwriter but can’t really assure you that now. That is why I wrote it all down XD. I knew Matsuo’s behind your hubbies, wasn’t he the one behind Chemistry also?

                BTW Dream sound has changed within’ the years, but their main theme has always been chasing and pursuing their dreams, basically shown with their lyrics. I think that is the meaning of using blurrex pastel filters on their last releases, to keep the PV’s as those were dreams.

                • heheheh I know I was just kidding XP
                  BTW, I went back to check (just to make sure) and lol Matsuo-san also did SAKURA Regret for Flower and Boyfriend both versions for Flower and Happiness (They even interviewed him about them I can’t believe I forgot that OTL) so lmao I’m not exactly right either >.<
                  Hmmm I can't actually give you a name of a composer who makes songs for 3JSB or Flower more than anyone else (unless you count STY for 3JSB but he makes upbeat songs.)
                  And omg I finally knew the reason behind the filters in Dream's PVs lol Thanks <3

                  • I know, I can’t tell stuff without checking my fanzine out. Then I know why I mentioned Matsuo. Maybe he also did some album tracks for 3JSB? Omi talked about him in that translated interview, not sure if he was on about Best Friend’s Girl or another song.
                    If you check out the Hands Up PVs they always used some sort of blurred filter too. It’s not just the shitty quality on youtube XD it’s also on the HQ dvd’s.

                    • It’s Tabidatsu Mae ni, which you can find on TRIBAL SOUL~

          • Guest

            ew Sunshine Dream… make me forget that song…

        • Aki

          Wow, this is an awesome explanation, thank you! I’ve gotta admit that as the person below mentioned, I haven’t really got into the other groups so I can’t really tell them apart. My judgement merely comes from watching PV previews and some snippets from their songs. What happened to LOVE though? I used to love (no pun intended) them but they suddenly disbanded… and I don’t think they were doing too bad? Also, I’d like to get more into each group. Which songs do you recommend for listening? I’ve heard “Kiss Me” from Happiness and I liked it, but it was a bit generic for me. And I haven’t listened to anything from Dream yet.

          • LOVE was our heartbreak. It was similar to what happened with BRIGHT, their contract with Sony expired, plus (for LOVE) their last couple of singles suffered pushed backs (and now I am not sure if the last one got cancelled too). They pulled out of the E-Girls project, I assume on their own will, just like Kana decided to graduate then. At the end, they decided to part ways, probably because they thought they reached a limit hard to surpass, and since their last label wasn’t interested in renew them, they sort of gave up. Misaki has been in groups for ages too, so I wonder whether she wanted some break too.

            Dream first years discography is basically Eurobeat, but I love it, specially the ballads. Then, from 8nin onwards, they opened to JPop a little more, but you would probably like the DRM days and the Hands Up uptempos and ballads better.

            • Aki

              Hmmm, I didn’t know this Dream was related to the Dream of Kana Tachibana. I am very familiar to the original Dream era because they were kinda everywhere for a while, haha. Which songs do you recommend from this new Dream?

              • Yes, they are the same group. The girls joined all when Mai left, and honestly, regardless of what some fans from the 3nin era had been saying for years, these line-up (minus Risa) lasted longer and performed together for more years than the 3nin line-up. Kana went with them all to LDH, and she stayed until they had done the whole Hands Up promotions and even after the Love Dream Happiness first show, which was E-Girls Show’s previous show that had all the female groups under LDH (the first seed for the mega-unit).

                Sayaka, one of the girls who also joined after Mai left in 2002, departure was more due to probably her lack of lines since they joined LDH, and some of us suspect she didn’t quite like the E-Girls project either, as Dream’s activities were already decreasing then.

                Anyway, all the girls are still on good terms, 3nin members went all together to E-Girls’ tour, and Kana keeps in touch with them all.

                The current line-up doesn’t have too many songs of their own, but I love MY DAY, ONE WAY ; Catch a Wave and Wanna Wanna Go. Only You is not bad after a few listens, but is too bubbly and the melody at the beginning reminds me of E-Girls’ 1 2 3 song and I like that other song more.

                • Aki

                  Thanks so much for the brief history lesson and the recommendations! Will definitely check those songs out, let’s see how it goes! :D

                  • you’re welcome, we’re always glad to have new people in the fandom. Especially for Dream, the girls had been around for years, they and all the groups that were on the same time as they did, doing vocal & dance concepts, deserve more attention. Not because they were better or whatsover, but because people don’t even remember them in their countries, and it’s like they’d never been there T_T so seeing Dream regain some audience it’s always cool.

            • kirara_ai

              now you mention BRIGHT… /heartbreaks/

              • I know T______________T I still liked them, even with their music change towards Pop and Nanaka-centered a-sides. I still liked them a lot.

    • Seekaii

      I’m loving Dream’s song

    • zetalux

      i love Dream PV
      they all look so gorgeous <3

    • What

      Loved Flower’s PV! The dance was flawless as always <3

    • AAApanda

      very interesting!

    • lucy

      Flower never disappointed me <3, also love Dream's song.

    • Love both songs~
      Wish you guys posted the tracklists into the post; Dream’s single has 4 tracks in total including their digital song “Wanna Wanna Go” and Flower’s will include two different songs on different editions, one of them is a remix of Shirayukihime~

    • Midori

      待ってました ♥
      I love both songs and MVs, but especially Flowers (my girls!!! <3). Shuuka looks as gorgeous as ever and Ami is so cute! ♥

    • Atsuke Akiyama

      So good, to hear their voices without the E-girls heavy auto-tune…

    • shirogane

      Slightly disappointed at the new flower song, but it might grow on me slowly. The PV lack focus and even thought it’s supposed to be a fall themed I got a Christmas vibe from it. just nick-picking because nettaigyo was so nice.

    • M

      I love Flower! Always bringing it with their beautiful PVs and on point dance. I really liked the shots of them with the autumn leaves and blue-green dresses. Reina’s gotten pretty good at dancing too!