Downtown’s Hamada Masatoshi Releases Short PV for His Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Parody Character’s Debut

Hamada Masatoshi, half of comedy duo Downtown, has a character named Hamada Bamyu Bamyu. This Kyary Pamyu Pamyu parody character came about as part of an idol creation project on Downtown’s Nippon TV show “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!” Last month, 2 integral members of Kyary’s team appeared on Downtown’s show, her producer Yasutaka Nakata and her art director Masuda Sebastian. On the show, they announced that they would be working with Masatoshi on Hamada Bamyu Bamyu’s musical debut.

Hamada Bamyu Bamyu will make make her musical debut on December 16 with the single “Nandeya Nennen.” The song was written and produced by Yasutaka. The song is described as humorous and charming. Sebastian created the colorful, kawaii imagery for this release. The single is released digitally on November 23, and will later be available digitally in 110 countries around the world. Ahead of the single’s release, Hamada Bamyu Bamyu will be performing on Best Artist 2015 on November 24.

Today, a portion of the music video for “Nandeya Nennen” was shown on “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!” Check it out after the jump, along with the single’s cover and tracklist!

1. なんでやねんねん (Nandeya Nennen)
2. なんでやねんねん (Nandeya Nennen) -remix-
3. なんでやねんねん (Nandeya Nennen) -instrumental-

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    • Does anyone know how Kyary feels about this? She says she’s not an idol, but then a parody is made of her in an idol creation segment on a tv show. And then her team gets behind the parody. It’s messy of them.

      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

        Downtown can do what they want.

      • Sparky

        She’s tweeted about it a couple of times, particularly a screenshot a few hours ago of her phone screen with Hamada’s song playing on it, so she’s at least listening to the stuff.

        Anyways, Hamada was also announced to be appearing in Tuesday’s ‘Best Artist’ special that NTV runs every year. Kyary’s appearing in that too, so I guess we’ll be able to see just how she’s taken all of this.

        In regards to her team getting behind it, I’m actually surprised it’s gone this far. I watched the episode where the parody was born and although I found it funny, I really thought it would be a one-off thing so I’m not sure what inspired Nakata to actually go ahead with this.

        • kazu_no_ko

          I saw it too, but I thought it was just gonna stop at the episode. I think the video is cute and funny.

      • mikael

        she says she’s not an idol but she totally is. like someone mentioned on an old kyary post, if shinohara tomoe who composed and produced some of her works embraced being an idol, kyary should too.

      • Kisetsu

        IDK if anyone has been keeping up, but Yasutaka was delighted and pretty pleased to work with Hamada. Recording only took 15 minutes because he was that satisfied with Hamada. For him, I can see it as A) working with someone he perhaps admires, since Hamada is one of the most well liked comedians even post-scandal and/or B) an opportunity to get his name even more out there. He seems like the selfish type tbh.

      • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

        I guess best artist happenings pretty much answered that.

    • hul

      This is better than Kyary’s past releases lmao

    • seus Piroquinha de Amendoim

    • euaheauhe

    • jupernia

      I approve.

    • eplizo

      Genuinely better than anything Kyary has ever put out.

    • naa

      Kimoi. Nani kono ossan.

    • Leila

      What cracks me up is the Kyary fans on tumblr who think Hamada is some random. He’s literally sold more records than Kyary will ever so OOP.

      • mikael

        perfume and kyary combined lol! says something about japanese pop culture when newer j-pop fans don’t know downtown (and to a greater extent, nakai and taka-san). they missed out on some good music variety.

    • Ryusei

      not into it lol mondai girl >>>>

    • eureeka

      I almost feel bad for Kyary. Yasutaka perfectly reproduced the “Kyary style” in this song and made no attempt to hide it. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but I can’t help but feel like her own production team is making a fool of her, maliciously.

      • numetal

        pretty much saying that she’s a puppet and anyone can put on a wig and sing her songs.

      • I’m not a Kyary fan, but I agree with you and numetal.

      • Maybe they’re using this parody as an attempt to regain some interest in her. It’s certainly not very flattering from her point of view, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    • yacchaitai

      it’s charting higher on recochoku than kyary’s latest single lmfao

    • Gabrielle Willis

      Bruhhhhh! XD

    • Gabrielle Willis

      But for real thooooo

    • Liokt

      Sorry people, but I’m actually scared.

    • Rob Whetzel

      This really has gone so far, it’s kind of embarrassing. Then again I’m looking at this with an American perspective. I’m sure Japan will eat this up but let’s hope he only does 1 single. Maybe 2. I’m interested in hearing the remix :D

    • Rob Whetzel

      I bet Kyary will react to this tamely. She’ll sing and dance along and find it really funny, but on the inside I bet it really bothers her. It says a lot about her sound, image and character as well as her producer since he’s having no problem cashing in on this (seems like typical Nakata though lol)
      HOPEFULLY this will cause Kyary to wake up and realize that her sound and image is easily replaceable and maybe she will start to work with other producers. I’m getting tired of her music all sounding the same, but I am a fan!

      • ponpiri

        I thought someone from her camp said that she’s interested in expanding her sound. I would feel a bit upset about this parody if i were her, but I’m sure she was upset before it anyway.

        • Rob Whetzel

          I really hope so! I would love to hear her with other people if she still stays electro pop. I did hear that one of her new songs is going to be orchestrated… who wants to hear kyary orchestrated? lol