Check out the PV for EMI MARIA’s new single “FIRE”

R&B singer-songwriter EMI MARIA has been teasing a new song on her Instagram account for a week and now the music video for the title track is finally here!

“FIRE” is an all-English mid-tempo number that progressively gets more intense.

In the music video, we see the singer lying on the floor, covered in blood after an encounter with a disguised stranger in a dark underground passageway.

Check out the PV after the jump!

“FIRE” is available on iTunes starting April 28.

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    • Amaya Yamauchi

      yes queen!!!

    • hasawa

      I probably missed the part where the song was actually getting “intense” lol (and that “encounter” with a stranger)
      Seems like “progressive” r&b is the shit currently and this song is definitively in the same vein as her previous album EUPHORIA, but there’s something pretty off putting (esp the try hard-ish shock value scenery of the MV) and lowkey pompous into it. I miss her music from her early days which was more lyrical and candid (i’ll never be over “I Gotta ~Summer Kiss” <3)

      • Thomas

        I think the story is her meeting with herself in disguise (I used stranger because she’s wearing that storm hood lol) in the underground passageway and getting shot… or at least I don’t think the gun and hand washing clips are random haha! But that’s just what I interpret from it 🤔

        • hasawa

          Oh yes, that makes sense.. Though all of this is implied through the staging (the long ass sequence with the camera freezing on the tunnel may be the one where ‘shit’ happens), it leaves a lot of stuff to interpretation…

          • Thomas

            Yeah that’s what I thought too! I think it’s quite well made for the (probably very) low budget.

    • Rob Whetzel

      She should have changed the key of the constant vocal “ahh”‘s of the chorus (or whatever you call it) kinda like how she did with her vocals in the beginning. It was just too repetitive the entire time. Not a bad song though

    • Midna

      I absolutely love this genre. I would love to see it get mainstream (my dream).

      The song is good. Less Ahhs would be good but very good song nonetheless.

      • HyperMoot .

        all those aahs really got on my nerves in the end. Good clip, good voice, good melody but I feel like I can listen to exactly the same type of songs in Norway, California, The Netherlands or Shangai, World Music or music with no real identifiable identity? Just wondering