announces new EP “unPOP” for next November

Snow who? ARTPOP what? It’s all unPOP now!

Electrorap duo welcomed 2016 with their third overall EP “Aidoro C” and now they are about to see it off with the fourth one, which will carry the title of “unPOP” and will be released on November 22nd. While its physical edition will be Limited, it will be available digitally on iTunes and Recochoku as usual. This release will feature “unPOP” as opening track plus two already revealed tie-in tracks, “Moya Moyashite” and “Urami Tsumotte Yama to Naru” (previously titled “Kirameku risou, yama to naru.”). Die-hard fans of (like me) will probably be delighted to know that the forgotten and almost unknown early 2015 song “999” is finally going to be released in this EP too! Lastly, purchases on iTunes will come with a special iTunes only bonus track titled “SEMI SWEET”. The aesthetics for this era seem to be a playful and cheeky take on the classical Snow White Disney princess by Japanese illustrator Masanami Yanagida, a point of view that may be carried to its sound as its title could suggest. Check the jacket, tracklist and info about the already known songs just after the jump!

[CD Tracklist]

  1. unPOP
  2. 999
  3. Moya Moyashite
  4. Urami Tsumotte Yama to Naru
  5. SEMI SWEET (iTunes only bonus track)

Moya Moyashite – Tie-in for Kirin’s Kirin Nogodoshi All-light beer

Kirameku risou, yama to naru. – Tie-in for LION’s Systema Arch Fit toothbrush

999 – Tie-in for TITAN MAX rollercoaster at SPACE WORLD amusement park

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    • Guest

      All them tie in tracks sound awful :-/

    • That cover!!

    • i read this as “unchi pop”! ^o^/ yey!

      whatev songs but the first pv is great xD o/
      are there lyrics translations out there? i feel like there is a slight chance of great lyrics here.

      ok i kinda like the moyamoyashite song too. :p

      • Sou
        This amazingly talented and kind blogger has translated almost completely both Ai Ai Syndrome and OLest plus some others from DIStopping, though she has not (yet?) translated any of the newer releases. She used to accept request (I’ve requested some there!) though they are now closed and just takes the translations as a personal hobby of her. Just scroll the page down till you get to the C and there you will find them.

        And yep, one of the best things about is their witty lyrics, and they really cover a quite wide range of topics inside of their OL world!