Berryz Kobo release final pv before indefinite hiatus

The video for Berryz Kobo’s song “Love Together!” has been uploaded onto their official youtube account. “Love Together!” will be included on their upcoming compilation album “Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box”. The lyrics talk about their history as a group together, at times turning a bit melancholy with the girls questioning if they’re “selfish” for going on hiatus and choosing different paths.

Twitter user nodoka_hello has noticed a similarity between “Love Together’s!” choreography and some of their past singles. Can you spot them out?

Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box will be released on January 21st. Check out the video below!

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    • Kyle
    • sumomona

      not even a berryz stan and sobbing ugh

    • Kent

      I haven’t paid close attention to them…well, ever, but I remember their first Music Station in 2004 and TOKIO marvelling over how tiny they were. I wish them all luck in their future endeavours.

    • merkypie

      wow its the end of an era.

    • K

      All of their eyes looked so sad. Maasa looked heartbroken. :(

    • l3012

      I wasn’t ready for this: Berryz had such random releases, with some being great and others being just nah…

      Dear Miyabi looks sad, and everyone too.

    • Seekaii

      I’m always heartbroken when a band breaks up but it’s pretty weird how they don’t just call it a disbandment. I actually liked some of their music

      • umida

        Momoko said it would be too sad to call it a “disbandment”, so they all chose hiatus instead. Which is no better but…

    • My heart goes out for those girl because i acually saw then when they was here in NJ they were stunning. im going to miss them so much. This pv made me sad.

    • mamoswine1

      This group proves that using Johnny’s as a a trick will make you nowhere in the entertainment industry even how talented you are

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      MY GOSH…10 years ago?? Time flies… It feels like it was yesterday when I saw the announcement of their debut. Good luck to the girls!

    • M. A. E.

      The photo on the left…Are they paying homage to David Bowie?

      …I’m cool with that. :)

    • Joe Gibken

      Berryz Koubou’s last single choreo similarity to past singles –