ayaka to Release First Single in 3 Years

On May 10, ayaka will release her new single, “Kotonoha.” This is her first single since April 2014’s “Nijiiro.” “Kotonoha” serves as the theme song for the NHK drama “Tsubaki Bunguten ~Kamakura Daishoya Monogatari~.” The song is described as a midtempo number with the theme of a letter, reflecting hearts that are connected through words.

ayaka recently released the music video for “Kotohona.” In it, ayaka appears in a world of paper cutouts, playing a puppetmaster of sorts. Check it out below, along with more information on her new single!


CD only

1. コトノハ (Kotonoha)
2. センチメント (Sentiment)
3. コトノハ (Kotonoha) (Instrumental)
4. センチメント (Sentiment) (Instrumental)

1. コトノハ (Kotonoha) Music Video
2. コトノハ (Kotonoha) Making Video


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