asayake no ato show us the way home in their Music Video for “Movielike”

Young pop-rock band asayake no ato released their third single “Close Game” this week on April 5th.  In support of this single, the group have published the music video for its second track, “Movielike”, to their label’s Youtube channel.

This PV follows a pair of high school students riding their bicycles home after graduating, capturing their entire journey with just one take.  Previews of the release’s other two songs can be found here.

Read on below to find the simple, yet emotional PV for “Movielike”, as well as the cover and track list for “Close Game”.

-’Close Game’ Track List-

Close Game-Cover

  1. Windup
  2. Movielike
  3. Natsu no Replica

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    • asayake no ato

      I liked it. Kind of what you would expect from a J-Rock band that’s starting. I don’t really like the vocalist’s voice, I prefer what I consider more “unique” ones like the one from BUMP OF CHICKEN, but that’s just my opinion.

      It really is “movielike”. Sometimes I wonder, out of an healthy-envy, if there are people who actually have this beautiful, movielike moments and remember them everytime they listen to this kind of songs.

      Just a side note, that’s a REALLY long, straight road. But the way they finished the MV was nice.

      • Ryusenkai

        I can understand that, considering that I usually tend to prefer somewhat more ‘off-kilter’ voices myself. I think that this vocalist’s tone works well for this track though, since it’s warm yet also manages to fill the space of the song well. If that makes sense.

        As to the idea of ‘movielike’ moments, it’s an interesting question. I have to imagine some people have had experiences like that. I’ve never encountered anything too grand, myself, but there have been a few situations that could probably fit into a lower budget film. *laughs*

        • asayake no ato

          I couldn’t have said it better!
          I like listening to this simple, “idyllic” songs from time to time, but doesn’t it also feel like we just enjoy them because we are living the characters’ happiness, like it’s us who they are portraying on an alternative, dreamy and happy world? It makes me wonder why we go between those songs and “more realistic” ones.

          • Ryusenkai

            Oddly enough, the reason that this song caught my attention at first is because it really reminds me of summer. It’s not a typical song for that season, but it really makes me think about, say, when it starts to get warmer in May. The time when the trappings of winter are cast aside and the bright, warm weather comes to stay for a time. My original title for this article (“asayake no ato pines for warmer days in…”) reflected that feeling, but I ended up opting for accuracy rather than the images the track puts into my head.

            As to your other question, I can only speak for myself there, but there are times when I’m craving something more raw. Less idealistic. Worth mentioning that those tracks also tend to be pretty sonically different from each other, so the variety helps with the impetus.

    • HyperMoot .

      Totally unknown to me. Fresh, simple, earlicious pop-rock. Like the other poster below, I’m not that fond of the male voice but the global harmonies and the strong melodic line really save it. Thanks for that post.

    • I quite like this, it’s pleasant and really easy to listen to. Definitely a band I want to keep an eye on.