Arashi’s “Ai wo Sakebe” PV, new album “Japonism”, Dome Tour, Arashi Blast in Miyagi

The full music video for Arashi’s wedding song Ai Wo Sakebe is out! Part of the MV was shot in an actual wedding reception held in Tokyo. The PV also features footage from dance rehearsals of Arashi, the groom and the groom’s men before Arashi’s surprise appearance at the reception. The single will be released on September 2.

In addition, the group announced the release of their 14th album, Japonism on October 21. In their 16th year, Arashi expressed their new interpretation of the wonderfulness of Japan in their unique way through their new album “Japonism.” The album features songs that are different from previous songs, and is an album that showcases Arashi’s ambitious challenging spirit and continuous evolution.

The music and lyrics for the lead song (title TBA) was done by Hotei Tomoyasu, who is based in London, with “Japan seen from the outside” as the theme. ARASHI will express the “wonderfulness of Japan” through song on top of a tense Hotei sound, where the battle of (ARASHI)x(Hotei)x(Japanese instruments) sounds takes place.

Arashi will also hold the 2nd installment of Arashi BLAST that started in Hawaii last year with Arashi Blast in Miyagi, in response to the request of Miyagi’s governor, Murai Yoshihiro, to aid the reconstruction in the disaster area that was hugely affected during the Great East Japan Earthquake. The group will be having a 4 day concert in Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi Stadium), expected to mobilize 200,000 audience. The nearby Miyagi Sports Park will also be integrated with a special corner for local goods and gourmet in collaboration with the locals.

Earlier on, the group announced the schedules for their Dome Tour this year. Concert dates, album details, and their latest music video below.


*Ai Wo Sakebe not included

[First-run limited edition]

16 tracks total
includes singles: Sakura, Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari, Lead song: “Title TBD A,” 8 new songs, 5 solo songs

“Title TBD A” music video + making of

[Limited edition]

16 songs total + “ARASHI Japonism talk” + 1 bonus track included
includes singles: Sakura, Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari, Lead song: “Title TBD A,” 8 new songs, 5 solo songs + ARASHI Japonism talk + bonus track Nippon Yoitoko Makafushigi

[Regular edition]

16 songs total + 4 bonus tracks included
includes singles: Sakura, Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari, Lead song: “Title TBD A,” 8 new songs, 5 solo songs + 4 bonus tracks including Furusato


Saturday, September 19 – Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi)
Sunday, September 20 – Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi)
Tuesday, September 22 – Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi)
Wednesday, September 23 – Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi)


Friday, November 6 – Nagoya Dome (Aichi)
Saturday, November 7 – Nagoya Dome (Aichi)
Sunday, November 8 – Nagoya Dome (Aichi)
Friday, November 13 – Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido)
Saturday, November 14 – Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido)
Sunday, November 15 – Sapporo Dome (Hokkaido)
Thursday, November 26 – Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)
Friday, November 27 – Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)
Saturday, November 28 – Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)
Sunday, November 29 – Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)
Thursday, December 17 – Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (Fukuoka)
Friday, December 18 – Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (Fukuoka)
Saturday, December 19 – Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (Fukuoka)
Wednesday, December 23 – Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)
Thursday, December 24 – Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)
Saturday, December 26 – Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)
Sunday, December 27 – Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)

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    • light

      Nice song and super cute pv!! Sho made the Guts pose by mistake lol

      Can’t wait for the new album,looks like they went a totally different way from Digitalian!
      Though i guess they wanted more money with those 3 versions lolz

      • Nervi Taralin

        Can You Tell me The minutes sho doing Guts pose happen ?? i’m very curious but my observation skill suck so much. T_T

        • light

          It’s at 3:41. It’s not exactly the pose from Guts,he putted the arm in the wrong place and he reminded me of it lol

    • Audree Medina

      So excited to see them again this year! Praying stando tickets on Ohno’s bday would not reach 100,000 yen.

      • Dalooshe

        Hello, I can’t help but ask you how to get tickets! I’ll be in Japan all of November and it has to happen. PUHLIIZZZ TT_TT

        • Kinokunia

          It’s a bit of process so please brace yourself for a bunch of hectic mumbo jumbo as there are no loopholes when it comes to a gaijin purchasing tickets. Most gaijin don’t wear deodorant, which is weird since most gaijin smell like crusty onions, so Japanese stores that sell tickets are bit apprehensive when selling tickets to a gaijin. First thing they’ll do is ask you is “how many times do you shower a day?” if your response is “A DAY?!!?” then you pretty much lost your chances on getting ticket. Second question is whether you wear deodorant or not, but they won’t ask you outright since it’s not really Japanese custom to wear deodorant, no you see Nihon’s are blessed with the smell of sakura when the exude moisture from their hairless arm pits ^_^. If your response is “I don’t really wear deodorant unless I workout” then no Arashi tickets for you my dear! 3rd and finale question is whether you wash your dirty little foreign ass or not? you see, all Japanese toilets are made with this amazing enema/douche nozzle that shoots water straight up your bunghole, to clean any shit residue, they also have one for your crabby patty. So the Japanese are really surprised that us smelly foreigners don’t use/aren’t accustomed to having water shot up ass holes, if your response is a timid “….I don’t really use that I just wipe back to front and call it a day” then you can kiss your precious Arashi tickets goodbye!

          …..Whew, I hope you appreciated me writing this to be quite honest, it wasn’t easy.

          I really do hope you get to see Arashi and have a blast in miyagi ^_^.

          • Dalooshe

            Wow thank you SOO MUCH for this kind and elaborative reply because according to your explanation, it’s like I was meant to go <3
            To answer q.1: due to religious requirements, I wash my body nuuuuumerous times a day because we loooove hygiene!
            Answer to q.2: did you know there's this technology called laser? I don't mean to brag to you but I'm basically hair-free.. But incase you wanted to know more, deodorants are too chemically horrible for me so I personally prefer Chanel no.5. I follow this because again, we looooooove hygiene!
            Finally q.3: i feel bad that you spent your precious time to explain to me the most vital thing in this but I hate to break it down to you that Japan learnt this from our cultural hygienic practices. My great grand parents have been doing this from over 1500years and that's only again, because we loooooove hygiene!!

            Now to summarise what I wrote in simple words is that you need to learn how to become a human being that doesn't waste precious air for all of us.

            And I really hope that you didn't feel disgusted from yourself by allowing me to share with you my most private internet post ever yet, but it's okay since your luck ran out the moment you addressed me/or maybe you're lucky.. I'll leave it up to you :)

            Ohhhh and lol I'll be dropping by Osaka so if you're not too busy sweating like crazy wherever you are, I'd invite you but on your treat.

            Now don't waste more time and for yours and our sake, start learning what I told you to do, so that it'll be a better world by the time I wake up tomorrow!

          • shokurai

            Flag this comment guys…

          • kunyit

            are you drunk?

        • Audree Medina

          Hiiii! I’m planning to go on Ohno’s birthday! I can help you out and we can attend together :)

          • Dalooshe

            It would be great if we can go together :D 26th would be the best day to go for me too so it might just work out!!! I would appreciate it if you could tell me more about your experience! For now I want to know more about the process so how can I reach you other than here?

            • cynthiaa

              Hi! Do you want a ticket for Japonism concert? I have one extra ticket for sapporo show 11/14.

              • Dalooshe

                Holy shit, seriously?!! I almost gave up as I knew I wouldn’t afford the black market and so I started making other plans. Is there another way I could contact you for more info please?

        • Audree Medina

          It will be a bit pricey though. The only sure way is via black market. I’ve never won through lottery so I don’t rely on my membership.

      • silentcinderella7

        Hi! How exactly do you get tickets? I’ve never been to an Arashi concert before, and I’ll be over there at the time so I’m desperate to try and see them! I don’t mind trying with FC, but it’s silly to rely on that, especially with how huge Arashi is. How secure is black market regarding name/ID checks and all? Sorry for asking and thank you for your time!

    • Aww the song is cute. And Jun will never run out of new hairstyles

    • mugiwara

      The song and the dance is cute. And even though the PV was “done before” by Maroon 5, it’s still cute!

      Leaving “Ai wo Sakebe” out of Japonism is an obvious ploy to make sure people still buy “Ai wo Sakebe” instead of going straight for the album. Well, regardless, Arashi will move copies by the 100s of thousands. The LEs and combo sets (all 3 versions in a set) are already sold out practically everywhere ><


    • Nya

      Ai wo Sakebe full pv is really cute, also enjoyed the b-sides<3

      Exited for the new album. Although I'm a bit afraid after something as good as was The Digitalian XD but hopefully they can keep the level and will come out with another awesome production, let's have some faith xD

      Blast in Miyagi, can't stop thinking they need to revive "Shake It" Arafes history and do "Disco Star" with all of them dancing. XD

    • MaybeCanBe

      Honestlly too excited about the upcoming album.. it feels so long since Digitalian (even if it’s barely a year heh) I always look forward to the solos the most!

      Also, finally a PV again i really enjoy! It’s so cute and a lot different from the usual PV’s. It’s refreshing and fun also to see other, regular people appearing in the PV plus the song makes me smile like an idiot -w-

      So many good news.. as expected, we Arashi fans are being spoiled again ♪

    • I said about maroon5 but this is really a nice MV^^

    • kunyit

      aww the video is cute :D what a lucky bride, groom and guests :D album!! and new tour!! slay us again please :D

    • T

      In a roll.

    • Midna

      IM SO HAPPPPPPPYYYY with the new stuff coming soon. Im excited for the album.

      and they have a concert on my birthday <3