Arashi shoots outdoor PV for “Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari”

Arashi’s new single “Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari” was released last May 13. The group’s 46th single is the theme song to the drama “Yokoso, Wagaya e” starring member Aiba Masaki.

The group has filmed the music video outdoor, for the first time in 6 years. In the video, the members are seen at a train station, at a home, and enjoying a barbecue at night, giving off the message of the importance of connection between people.

Combining a lyrics that give a real sense of how precious the connection between people is and a dramatic melody overflowing with positive energy, it is a music that gives optimism to people living in this cooped-up modern society.

Check out Arashi’s newest PV below.


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    • Guest

      The styling is A+ here, especially Matsujun.
      I don’t really understand though why they stopped dancing in their PV’s, I mean who doesn’t love a dance break in the middle of a pleasant nighttime barbecue?

    • light

      The pv is cute,especially the second part,but honestly all that matters is that they are outdoor lol

      I guess they followed Aiba’s drama theme in the last scene,where it looks like they saw/heard something strange.

      I don’t like Nino’s current hairstyle very much,but he looks amazing in the pv!

    • 24hrs

      the only good thing about their pv this time is, its an outdoor. It’s been a while. as usual its boring lol I love the boys but uhm..And Aiba exceptionally looks good. can’t take my eyes off him.

    • eplizo

      First outdoor MV in 6 years? That sounds kinda sad lol

      • inay91

        Price to pay for being famous, Sad truth! Even harder when the fans love to visit wherever place that Arashi have been to.

      • xantheosse

        Feel our woes. Because the Japanese hardcore fans flock to the places they’ve been.. so it’s hard to make due with that. (That “Arashi” trees aftermath was just hilarious)

    • Arron Hayre

      I don’t really ever listen to Arashi .. But this song tho!! … A+

    • hului

      Serious question
      I wonder if Japanese fans think that Arashi members are straight. Because I don’t think they are. Especially now. Well in the end, other people’s sexual orientation is not my business but I’d just like to put my opinion out there. Any thoughts about this?

      • uhm i have seen Japanese men that are REALLY effeminate but still made out with women… They look straight to me.

        • Nomiya

          Agree. For example the figure skater Nobunari Oda. He’s married with kids but is such a lady sometimes. A lot of Asian men are like that. Its like behaviour or physical appearance can’t indicate a person sexuality.

      • Nomiya

        What makes you think Arashi members are gay?

        Some japanese fans is hoping they are gay for each other. Is your gay radar bleeping because you have an otp?
        Personally I think Nino could be Bi but that’s just because how he acted around Ohno but also has had real girlfriends.

      • MEOW

        I’m a huge fan but someimtes I do think their apperances and actions can make them seem pretty feminine but I’ve never thought any of them might be gay. But in the end no one knows except for themselves (⁎⚈᷀᷁ᴗ⚈᷀᷁⁎)

    • Taima-kun

      without some dancing, their PVs look really boring
      but looking at the brighter side, they finally managed to get out of the studio and breathe some fresh air, it’s aesthetically pleasing

    • losers game

      The song itself is growing on me, but holy shit is the PV recycled and boring.

      • semperINA

        I think Sho might be gay~

    • MaybeCanBe

      ngl i’m getting a bit bored with the recent Arashi PV’s of them randomly sitting or standing around while looking all handsome and lip syncing. I was excited first when i heard there was going to be a picnic scene, because i thought of a PV like Aozora Pedaru, but the picnic part only was like 30 seconds long orz

      However i do like the song a lot. I just hope next time they will come out with a more upbeat single again so they are forced to move their butts and give us a dance video /fingers crossed

      • xantheosse

        I’m just glad that they had outdoor shoot this time. It made the PV making of really good. In contrast to their last release, Sakura, which is such a major disappointment.

    • saphrose

      Holy shit Aiba is looking so good these days.

    • Dalooshe

      The older they get, the finer they become. YUM <3333

    • Nya

      The song is good. The pv, meh. I love the BBQ part tho. That was a bit refreshing.

      At least they finally went outdoors and give us a making (without narrator yay!)

      I can’t help but loving Nino’s hairstyle there <3 Aiba looks gorgeous too.

      • xantheosse

        That Sakura PV making of was a disaster… Ah, no. Sakura single is a disaster overall.

        • Nomiya

          Eeh? I object! Sakura single wasn’t a disaster overall. Sakura is a banging song (like it more than Aokimi but I like Aokimi too), with strong b-sides and nice visuals (pv is boring but its beautiful. I say its the same level with aokimi pv). Both are great singles. Only the pvs are not up to par.

          • xantheosse

            Nah. Maybe I just set my expectations too high with Sakura and it fell short. Sakura kinda lack the intensity I was looking for. The coupling songs also didn’t appeal to me at all. (I was impressed at the artists who made the set though.)

    • kashiyuka

      omg, they’ve actually escaped from the post apocalyptic hell they seemed to have been stuck in in their last 283473924 videos

    • kashiyuka

      also Arashi makes hella bank for Johnny’s, the least they could do is get a writer or somebody to make a narrative for these stale ass pvs

      • xantheosse

        Yep. Like My Girl for example. Aozora Pedal also have some narrative incorporated in it. *sigh* At least, they had an on-site shoot this time. I’m so tired of the seemingly low-budgeted PVs.

    • Nyx

      Love the song, but the PV is meh. A lot of sitting around and looking at things wistfully. The performance they do of this song live is better by miles, and the stage design is actually pretty striking. I’d much rather see a more polished version of that than this.

    • AnonCarrot .

      Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve watch an Arashi pv. Everyone looks so grown up and manly. Matsumoto’s hair……never thought he could pull off that style, man i was wrong. Nino still looks like Nino.

    • xantheosse

      I hope they can make a futuristic type of PV like their most recent CM of Puzzle & Dragons. That was epic. XD But that’s just me being wishful. I know Johnny’s is petty when it comes to PVs.