Arashi Releases “Sakura” music video

Check out the full music video for Arashi’s upcoming single “Sakura”.  The song is the theme song for the drama series “Ouroboros ~Kono Ai Koso, Seigi” starring Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun and will be released on February 25.

There isn’t a storm of petals in the PV but Arashi is positioned amidst a backdrop of a Sakura tree which blossomed in the end as they sing about hope and strength for tomorrow.


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    • masaki82

      Aiba and Jun is absolutely flawless in this PV <3

    • ViP

      now I can see clearly Aiba & Jun’s height differences in this pv. I’ve always taught they’re the same height tho.

      • Guest

        yea Aiba-chan is taller

    • sakaguchi nagisa

      omg, aiba-kun looks sooo young than his actual age in this MV XD

    • Oh damn why are their music videos getting more and more boring? I love the song but come on, they should have enough money to use for a decent music video.

      • neenpeen

        They’re using the money to maintain their young and idol looking faces.

        • me

          yes, neen needs his regular youth fountain supplies! XDD

        • kashiyuka

          Only Neener looks young. The rest pretty much look their ages, espec Sakurai and Ohno

          • neenpeen

            HDU!!!!! Matsujun and Aiba is looking good! Ohno has been looking old since God knows when.. Sho has been like that too.

          • saphrose

            god, ohno went from a chubby cheeked baby face to an aged smoker in like 5 seconds flat. it drives me crazy.

        • Not Sakurai!

      • I consider the Music Station performance their true PV tbh. That was pretty impressive.

        • Nya

          I feel like lately MS are being the real PVs for us(?) well that’s the case for me in Bittersweet, GUTS, Zero-G… I totally forget those PVs but keep watching the perfs :)

    • guest

      Matsujun looks good as always – from childhood to adulthood. Aiba-chan is like wine – he improves with age. <3

    • Nya

      Another forgetable pv xD but you know, in the making they seemed so damn tired for me, so I decided I won’t complain that much for this. At least they looked good here and we good the good choreo for perfs.

    • me

      AIBABY! *dies*

    • light

      Singing while sitting/standing around?Done.
      A+ looks though,Nino looks great,thanks for the low collar shirt!

    • Otagei dansu

      they should have danced in their pv instead. I liked the MS perf they did last friday.

    • eplizo

      lmao what kind of disappointment… I expected some dancing or something based on their performance the other day…. The MV seems all around low-budget too.

    • Hlynb93

      The instrumental sounds exactly the same as in all of their songs, when are they gonna change composers and release modern music, instead of 80’s reject songs? They are Japan’s most popular boy-group I’m sure if they were to change up their sound they would still have a hoard of fangirls, and maybe start a trend of modernisation among Japanese idol groups.

      • Nya

        Yeah this song is so identical to singles for example like Kitto Daijoubu, Kaze no mukou e, To be free, GUTS, not to metion the HYD songs, sounds exactly like this one! LOL

        and in the lastest album, Wonderful, Tell me why, TRAP, One Step… they all sound the same as this… right, there’s not really variety LOL.

        and yes I’m being sarcastic. don’t say “all” the songs ’cause you don’t know them. their “hoard of fangirls” do.

        • Hlynb93

          Oh please, just take out the lyrics and you can apply the instrumental to pretty much all their songs, some are just swallowed down or sped up versions

          • Nya

            Don’t need to, I know all songs perfectly since years of listening, do it you since you’re too interested in this, then.

      • weezy

        I suggest you listen to their latest album “The Digitalian”, if you want to hear more ‘modern’ music.

        • Hlynb93

          I just listened to it on youtube, and just as I said before all of the song sound like 80’s to early 2000 music, they’ve been going with the same sound since their debut.
          And it’s not terrible, but I do think it’s time to shake things up, not just for them but for all idols who rely on that old recycled formula

          • weezy

            I think Arashi really never tends to stray too far away from the empowering pop songs. Oh well. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan and I can tell a song from the other..? This is interesting. I want to try to listen to Arashi, not as a fan, but as an outsider. I guess this is the case when I listen to Ayumi Hamasaki, it all sounds the same to me. xD

          • Bruh

            So what you want? Urban? Rock? EDM? Reggae? They’ve dabbled in all of that.
            Maybe they can’t carry the songs you wanted to hear from them. They do have limited vocal capabilities. Also, “modern” music nowadays have been sampling the 80s,90s and early 2000. They are on trend.

            You yourself admit their pop is not terrible. Its their signature sound.
            Since you’re so invested to have them shake it up, do show us what kind of “modern” music that you think Arashi should do? Reference me a song as an example

      • neenpeen

        Don’t mind the butthurt fans who can’t take criticisms about their ‘perfect’ idol Arashi.. As a fan, I totally agree with you…. This song sounds like a lot of their other songs. But there are refreshing songs from time to time like One Step, or Motto, Ima Yori from their songs released last year. I guess as a fan, you need to dig deeper to find better songs that will suit your taste.

        • Bruh

          Come on neenpeen. A lot of fans love them for their music too. You love them for their peen. We butthurt for different things.

          I love their 80s, 90s sounded songs. Its comforting. The “modern”, autotuned electronica, trendy, urban stuff is overrated.
          Haters (meaning those who disagree, not necesarily people who hates literally) keep whining “they sounded the saaaame”. Of course they do numbnuts. Every group, artist in the world has their signature sound.

          • neenpeenlovesArashi

            I don’t need a reason to love them, I just do. I don’t love them for their peen..

            I just agreed with what was said about Arashi. We all got to admit that Arashi’s not taking it to the next level, and I am not saying they need to. Again, I just agreed with what was said.

            • Bruh

              Who says you need a reason to love them? Just disagreeing with you that “as a fan you need to dig deeper to find” the song you like. A lot of us don’t have to dig much to find gems.
              The song sounds like Believe. So? It still sounds great to me.

              They have tried to shake it up and fans complain. I love their experiments but not all work. Their usual songs can be boring but mostly it works. Its not like they don’t try to grow. Fyi, i’m one of those people who hope they’ll release risky/different sounding songs like Tell Me Why, Superfresh, or Asterix as singles. The thing is this “they sound the saaaame~~~~” whining is on everytime when it is actually the singles (which were restricted by tie ins) thats sound kinda repetitive for this past couple of years. Isn’t it time to accept that they have a signature sound like any other artist?

              • neenpeen

                I didn’t complain though. Read please. SMH…

                • Bruh

                  It doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with your reply. You went with the butthurting route to top it off.

              • neenpeen

                Then don’t dig deep, who cares? I didn’t say you should dig deep. The commenter was saying he/she doesn’t like the sound, so I was trying to say that he/she needs to dig deep because there are really good songs from their releases. I didn’t say every fan should dig deep. Gaaad. Reading comprehension has been lost in the fandom for years, so I don’t expect you to understand that the first time.

                I didn’t complained about it, in fact I bought the LE and RE version because I love them, not because I love the songs. -_-

                • Bruh

                  Hlynb93 doesn’t sound like a fan lol.
                  The “butthurt fans” comment is not cool. There’s always a double standard in arama for idol fans genuine appreciation for their music.

                  Man.. I wouldn’t buy if i don’t like the songs. I’ll wait for the album tho. Sakura b-sides weren’t as impressive.

      • Tef

        As a fan I agree

    • Alva Starr

      I just don’t see what’s so great about them.

      • weezy

        At times they’re hot, at times they’re fugly. As outsiders, people think of them as Japan’s national idols. As a fan personally, I think they’re losers. I am addicted to that gap. It’s greatly interesting to me how multifaceted each member is.

        tldr Do not waste your time on these losers. lol

        • Ann

          As a outsider myself, I don´t see them as Japan´s national idols, but as Japanese idols. But well maybe I am to much of an outsider, lol

      • getcashbasics

        That is their selling point. They are “ordinary”.

    • yamakita

      This song sounds better than many of their releases from recent years, but is still not as strong as what they used to have in their heydays.

    • Guest H

      Another simple video, but I’m liking them in black. Also liking the slow camera pans and duo/trio shots :D

    • Jo

      This song is overshadowed in the drama. I actually want to know the identity of the other song more.

    • Shirley Ruiz

      I actually do like the simplicity of the video. The live performance of this song on music station was on point so seeing the actually pv, some may feel like it is anti-climatic and that’s fine. For me personally, the pv is fine. Different strokes for different folks.

    • kashiyuka

      I love them but these people are in stalemate with these pvs. Like how many can they churn out where they look off camera despondently while trapped in a nightmarish empty landscape/scene. They’re not even worth watching

    • saphrose

      digging aiba’s haircut like wow.

      • neenpeenforAibado

        IKR!!! Aiba’s looks is so refreshing!