Arashi brings “ninja style” for new single “Tsunagu”

Arashi is heating up summer with their newest single “Tsunagu”. Theme song for the movie “Shinobi no Kuni” starring Ohno Satoshi, the high energy song features prominent electric guitars and shamisen, perfectly melding the two styles of past and present. Ohno is also responsible for the choreography of the song. The dance can be seen in the PV previews just released. You can check out the radio preview of the song here.

Additionally, the regular edition includes “Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke~”, CM song for the JAL “Early Bird Campaign 2017” It’s a shout-out song that inspires all to come out into the summer sky.

Look forward to the full music video! “Tsunagu” will be released on June 28.


tsunagu le

[First-run limited edition]
★16-page lyrics booklet enclosed

M1. Tsunagu
Lyrics: paddy/Music: Peter Nord, Kevin Borg/Arrangement: Peter Nord, 佐々木博史

M2. Oki ni mesu mama
Lyrics: WINESS/Music: Justin Reinstein, Saw Arrow/Arrangement: Justin Reinstein

M3. Oki ni mesu mama (original karaoke track)

“Tsunagu” (music video + making-of)

tsunagu re

[Regular edition]

M1. Tsunagu
M2. Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke
Lyrics: RUCCA/Music: Simon Janlöv, Funk Uchino/Arrangement: 藤間仁

M3. Dakishimetai
Lyrics: IROCO-STAR/Music: Simon Janlöv, Mr.Mustard/Arrangement: 前口渉

M4. Under the radar
Lyrics: 市川喜康/Music: Kevin Charge, Erik Lidbom/Arrangement: Kevin Charge

M5. Tsunagu (original karaoke track)
M6. Reach for the sky ~Ten made Todoke(original karaoke track)
M7. Dakishimetai (original karaoke track)
M8. Under the radar (original karaoke track)

(via J-net)

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    • Otagei dansu

      Aiba looks flawless why why why!

      Totally digging the cd jacket.

      Arashi… OH, I DON’T WANNA LET YOU GO~

      • Otagei dansu

        cd cover* I mean.

    • monica_monami

      I am liking it <3 I like this better than I'll be there.

    • Lol

      Waiting the pv more than the song xD

    • light

      Nino is looking so on point in this pv!!

    • K.

      They all look so good!

    • Midna

      It’s one of their best PVs in a LONG time.

      The song though…..

      • light

        It reminds me a bit of the Calling pv. I like it but they could have done without the standing around parts this time.

        • Midna

          I’m interested to see how they’ll perform the dance on MS :O

          • light

            Hope it’s a full choreo! Honestly i’m not always a fan of Ohno’s choreo, like for Tokei or Two to Tango, but this doesn’t look bad so i’m curious =)

            • Midna

              Same! My favourite of his is Up to You for group :D Tsunagu’s is pretty cool from what i’ve seen though.

              • light

                Yeah, Up to You was nice, maybe also because it’s a fun song! I thought Two to Tango would have a cooler choreo but those hands movements were weird lol

            • nobu

              Not a fan of tokei choreo myself. My favourite choreo from him is Carnival Night II. His “cool” is kinda dated imo

            • Tokei Jikake No Umbrella? I thought its one of their best choreo tbh…

              I thought everyone like the song and the choreo. Guess I was wrong.

              • light

                I love the song but i find the choreo a bit weird honestly. For me his group choreos are very hit or miss, i usually like them for funny songs, less for the cool ones.

                I like the choreos he does for himself though.

                • I just rewatched back Tokei’s choreo after reading your reply (to refresh my memory) and I still super love it lol. Its like he somehow combined spanish elements in the choreo which I find interesting. But I do understand what do you mean by weird btw.

                  Which choreo he does for himself? Take Me Faraway? Rain? Song for Me?

                  • light

                    I also went to rewatch it since it was a while, and the weird feeling is still there lol Maybe also because i was really looking forward to the perf and imagined something completely different, like more dancing instead of all that sassy walking (which makes for a great gif though)?XD

                    I can’t point a favorite one right now, but i really like his footwork in his solos. I would love to see more of it in the group choreos =)

                  • Nobu

                    I find the movements & repetitiveness a bit basic. Appreciated the latin flare but it’s not “skilled” enough. Might be pushing it, but it looked amateurish for that song.

                    • I was wondering which Arashi’s choreo that impressed you?

                      • Nobu

                        A lot actually. It’s not just a matter of difficulty but also how it complimented and sometimes elevated a song.
                        Sakura, Crazy Moon, Carnival Night, Up to You, Step & Go, Kitto Daijoubu, Believe, Mada Minu Sekai e, their latin inspired segment in Iza Now etc
                        Some songs that i disliked but has great choreo are Trap & I seek.

                  • chocoapples

                    No worries I kinda dig Tokei’s choreo too lol

                • Nobu

                  One ‘cool’ choreo he managed to pull off was Trap. That was amazing. Hated the song but Ohno elevated it.

                  • light

                    I didn’t remember he did Trap choreo, i like the song and that was a nice perf =)

                  • thaa91

                    TRAP was fantastic!

    • King of the Kats

      The costumes are calling me, I love this mix from trad and modern.

    • yamakita

      Song is not good.

      • chocoapples

        I personally disagree, tho (> . <)
        It's kinda on the 'safe side' but it has quite a character. To be honest I'm hoping that Arashi will release some kind of "Japonism repackaged version" (although seems very likely impossible) with Tsunagu in the track list. This song reminds me of Japonism theme.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      love the outfits so much. <3

    • Nya

      I was about to complain for another meh pv when I saw the 1st previews… but then there are some interesting parts :)
      It’s not their best release but def a lot better than I’ll be there… looking forward to performances and b-sides.

    • Everyone looks really pretty.

    • This is like one of their best covers tbh. The kanji for Tsunagu is so pretty! But Arashi do seemed to have the best CD covers among J&A artists imo. One of KAT-TUN and T&T’s single covers still scarred me till today OTL

    • seniferreira

      That part on the beginning was driving me crazy, because it sounded similar to some song, but couldn’t remember what it was! Then, finally: the part on the radio preview (from 0:13 to 0:30) is kind of similar to “Wings”, from Little Mix 😂