AKB48 50th single: Mayuyu’s final single!

Popular idol group AKB48 will be releasing their 50th single on November 22.  Watanabe Mayu will be serving as the center for her final single with the group.  This single, which is currently untitled, will mark Watanabe’s 43rd senbatsu and 6th center for an AKB48 A-side track.  The single will be released after Watanabe’s graduation concert; which will take place during Halloween on October 31st at the Saitama Super Arena

The single will feature a 28 member senbatsu, comprised of members from AKB, SKE, NMB, HKT, NGT, and STU.

【AKB48】12 members
Iriyama Anna/Okada Nana/Okabe Rin(first senbatsu)/Oguri Yui/Kashiwagi Yuki/Kato Rena/Kojima Mako/Takahashi Juri/Minegishi Minami/Mukaichi Mion/Yokoyama Yui/Watanabe Mayu(c)

【SKE48】3 members
Obata Yuna(first senbatsu)/Suda Akari/Matsui Jurina

【NMB48】4 members
Shiroma Miru/Yamamoto Ayaka/Yamamoto Sayaka/Yoshida Akari

【HKT48】5 members
Kodama Haruka/Sashihara Rino/Tanaka Miku(first senbatsu)/Matsuoka Hana/Miyawaki Sakura

【NGT48】3 members
Ogino Yuka/Kitahara Rie/Nakai Rika

【STU48】1 members
Takino Yumiko(first senbatsu

As this single will be Watanabe’s final appearance as an AKB48 member, it also marks the end of an era as AKB will be losing their last remaining original “Kami 7”.

Who will be leading AKB48 as their next center with the departure of Watanabe?

(via oricon.co.jp)

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    • SlyMoonFox

      Is that hand placement trendy or ??? I’ve always seen photos of female idols having their hand placed on their chest.

    • wot

      soOO…she won’t be there to promote it? someone else will be center for her graduation song during the promo…? lol

      • Michie

        I know, confusing right? I’m guessing she will have her grad con but still promote this single until the end of the year and possibly end her activities with a Kohaku performance.

    • Jonahae Requilme

      Goodbye to my last fav AKB48 after her graduation,I will officially say goodbye as thier fan

      • Yuzu Newzu

        That’s honestly pretty sad. I think it would be great if you looked towards the future generations, and found a new Oshii. After all, there are some wonderful girls who just need someone to support them. For serious if you’re a Mayu fan, you should look into Komiyama Haruka, or perhaps even Kojima Mako! I think you will rediscover the group in a new light. The only thing better then falling in love with something, is falling in love with it again!

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