AAA Misako Uno bids farewell to Chiaki Ito in “Cocoa” MV

Avex group AAA will soon lose one of their members, Chiaki Ito, as she is graduating from the band and marrying. Given such important event for the history of the group, something special was made as a farewell: a new MV. “Cocoa” is a love song by MisaChia (that is, only Chiaki Ito and Misako Uno) which is full of melancholy and pain, in contrast with its upbeat rhythm. The MV features both girls enjoying an evening in the countryside, recording themselves dancing and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa together. Check the MV just after the jump!

This song is the track 11 of AAA’s last album with Chiaki Ito, “WAY OF GLORY”, which will be released on February 22nd.

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    • Guilherme Teruya

      What’s the future of AAA? Will they replace her with a new female member or the group will remain with only Misako?

      • Aripene

        I think they’ll stay like this, when Yukari left they just continued with the current members. I think Misako will sing all of Chiaki’s parts. Sad tho :c

        • Hatsumi Itoh

          I’m not sure what happened between Yukari and them, but there seems to be some bad blood there. Uno made it clear on her instagram that she considers Chiaki to be the only other female member of AAA. And all have repeatedly said they are only 7 members… I don’t think they’ll replace her with anyone else either. BUT what Uno lacks that Chiaki has is the ability to harmonize so well with other members’ voices so that her voice isn’t intrusive and melds in perfectly. Uno is clearly the better singer, but it won’t be easy for her.

          This song makes me want to freaking bawl my eyes out though, especially since Chiaki is my favorite. *goes and weeps in a corner*

          • Aripene

            I know, it won’t be the same without her :( Poor Uno-chan taking all the burden upon herself. I really hope they won’t disband soon…

          • CC

            Rumor mill at the time said that there was some severe personality clashing between Yukari and basically everyone else, but in particular the other girls. I remember a few sources saying that Misako and Chiaki went out together and wouldn’t invite Yukari; on the other hand, there was a lot of chatter about her being a diva and hard to work with. If you watch footage from around that time, it’s pretty clear that she never really meshed well with the rest of the group.

            Misako can harmonize, she just has a more limited range for it than Chiaki does. Compare Show Time (where her harmonization parts are pitched too low for her to comfortably handle) to Sayonara no Mae ni or Party It Up. She’s got the ability, she just needs the part to actually work for her voice.

            Which makes me a bit worried about how she’s going to handle Chiaki’s parts, but I have faith in her. Anyone that can start off sounding like a strangled house cat (GOD those early years were rough D: ) and, in under a decade, turn into an extremely talented vocalist deserves the benefit of the doubt imo.

            Still, I’m gonna miss Chiaki so much. It’s not gonna be the same :(

            • Hatsumi Itoh

              LOL at the “strangled cats” description. I know what you mean. I remember listening to “Last Love” on the 777 album, and there was a moment of shock where I thought I was listening to a completely different person.

              Thanks for the input on Yukari btw. I read their novel, but she wasn’t mentioned at all and it made me curious about why they chose to write her out of AAA history. Then Uno made that post. It all makes sense now.

              • CC

                That moment for me was when I watched their 4th Anniversary concert. She was still a little rough around the edges but I was floored by how much better she sounded. It’s hard to believe she’s the same singer I remember cringing at when watching 1st Attack all those years ago…

                To be fair to everyone involved, Yukari being written out likely also has to do with the fact that she only with them a year and had distinct lines in maybe 6 songs total. In a 12-years-and-counting career with a discography of ~200 songs, that’s not even inconsequential; that’s almost nonexistent.

      • CC

        Misako said in her instagram message that she’d be picking up Chiaki’s parts (specifically that she would do her best with them and that she hoped the fans wouldn’t be worried about it). Besides that, after 12 years I don’t think they’d have the heart to bring someone new in to replace Chiaki.

        Personally, my biggest concern (aside from my utter heartbreak) is how this is going to impact their vocal balance. It was only in the last 4 years or so that they actually hit their stride and figured out what worked for them. Chiaki was a huge part of that. I’m not looking forward to another Departure/Heartful/Buzz Communication era while they try to find a new balance without her =_=

    • kamben is here

      This has nothing to do with the article, but I’m curious about one thing.

      I don’t know much about AAA beside a few songs and one of the member’s acting jobs, but am I the only one who’s reminded of the group S Club 7 whenever I look at them? Any similarities at all between the two?