A new transgender idol group has started activities

Stardust Promotion, home to such notable acts as YUI, Momoiro Clover Z and ORANGE RANGE, has launched a new idol group, Himitsu no Otome. The idol group was formed in 2017, and it consists of three members: Natsuki, Gorina and KOKORO. What makes them special is that they market themselves as “rainbow idols”: all of them are transgender women, who seem to be involved in the LGBT scene. They will have their first live on February 27th.

Himitsu no Otome’s Stardust profile page introduces them as being “sometimes cool, sometimes cute”. The profile page also states the following: “Being different is ok! Aiming towards a time when words such as ‘lgbt’ have disappeared.” The latter part probably means they hope to see a world where it isn’t necessary to label people based on their sexual orientation or sexual identity anymore. So far so good – let’s hope they have enough vocal skills and sass to attract audiences.

Read more about the members and watch their introduction video below!


Born: 1987

Height: 164cm

Natsuki, “the wicked-tongued queen”, is the leader of the group, who says things in a direct manner. She promotes against smoking while walking as well as using one’s smartphone while walking. She debuted in a movie titled ‘High Heels Revolution’ in 2016. Watch the English-subbed trailer:


Born: 1987

Height: 182cm

Gorina has been given the position of “fashion leader”. She was previoisly known as the “Underground 5F idol song writer” Mihiro Marina. Now with Himitsu no Otome, she is rising to the surface of fame from the underground scene. She calls herself a sort of a prodigy, as she both writes lyrics and composes music.


Born: 1994

Height: 164cm

The youngest member KOKORO was formerly known as the “new half idol” Kisaragi Lilia. She started hormone treatment when she was 16. Three years later she underwent sex change surgery, and when she turned 20, she took breast implants. She loves the color red, and above everything else, she’s an otaku who loves idols, anime and twin tails.

(Via Stardust Promotion offical website, Himitsu no Otome Ameblo, Himitsu no Otome Twitter)

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    • Rino Gorokuhachi

      I know, Himitsu no Otome is the 2nd version of SECRET GUYZ who also managed by Stardust. Unfortunately, SECRET GUYZ will be disbanded on February.

    • cosmic lad

      wishing them luck!

    • eplizo

      I stan! Hope they do well.

    • The Pillow Book

      I hope for a bright future!

    • Ialy

      I hope it works well for them!

    • I couldn’t help but smile at that video. :) Looking forward to their work!

    • Male:ko

      All the luck for them!
      Where I can watch “High Heels Revolution”?

      • ok:aleM

        on a website for sub-humans

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      I’m more surprised to see idols my age.
      I wish them the best!

    • Raffy Regulus

      Just a heads up, Transgender isn’t a sexual identity. There’s no such thing as a sexual identity. The term is a gender identity and Trans is a gender identity. It’s got nothing to do with sex, and we have to do better in separating the narratives on gender and sex except where they intersect

    • yamakita

      The problem I have with this is that they will never go beyond this identity regardless of what talents they have. Call me old- fashioned, but i don’t want to be labeled when it comes to my work. I’m good regardless of my identity.

      Then again, Japan is full of novelty acts so why am I even complaining? 🤷‍♀️

      • hasawa

        Yes. Saying they don’t want to be labelled while presenting themselves as transgender idols comes really paradoxal to me..

        • moeru

          I know of those who’ve started at 14 and earlier. Early hormone therapy for transgender girls is vitally important, if they can manage it. It helps them to avoid typical masculine facial bone structure, and other unchangeable things like a low voice. It enables them to live in society with less pain.

          • hasawa

            Well I’m personally not comfortable with this since they remain minors and may not be mature to ponder enough their decisions, esp when this is unchangeable traits… It’s interesting that at 14 those kids can’t vote or drive but are allowed to make definitive change about their body.

            • I mean, waiting on it is also a definitive change that will affect their whole life

              • hasawa

                Yes, but at least they would be provided have enough time to mature about such an important decision.
                They are still children. They can’t consent drive or vote, but somehow they would be mature enough to ponder such important decision? That’s not realistic (lol)

                • Awilda

                  Actually not doing it at a young age causes people to have depression and body dysmorphia. They are indeed young and it’s irreversible but so are the scars of being stuck in a body that doesn’t match who you are inside. I had that issue as a teen (kinda),fortunately for me I realised that the body I was born with,I’m ok with it but some are not ok with it and they turn 18 and are stuck with female or male features and for some this leads to even deeper depression and dysmorphia.

                  • hasawa

                    “not doing it at a young age causes people to have depression and body dysmorphia.(…) for some this leads to even deeper depression and dysmoria”
                    Same can be said about people transitioning too early.
                    Like, why ignoring the fact they are CHILDREN? They are not ready to ponder such important decision. Period.

    • bailey darbii

      where can i watch high heel revolution??

      speaking of transgender awareness, did anyone watch the movie in which ikuta toma played a transgender woman? it’s actually very good. they should have a drama version with natsuki as toma character!

    • HL

      I dont know how successful they will be but to be even given a change to debut is a great start already.