New Book Teaches English from Rola’s Instagram Captions

Modelpress claims talent Rola currently speaks fluent English, but that wasn’t the case only two years ago. Now the people of Japan can follow her path with her brand new book “SPEAK ENGLISH WITH ME“.

The new book “SPEAK ENGLISH WITH ME” is said to provide useful expressions for SNS and e-mail—carefully selected, fun English phrases and “fashionable slang” used by native speakers. Rola presents study methods that helped her achieve her level of fluency from interacting with foreigners abroad and introduces words that can be used in everyday life.

I think it expanded my world greatly to visit countries and be able to talk to people from all around the globe, ” says Rola.

I hope your life is filled with happiness [written in English]!  When you read this book, you’ll become even more fond of English, and I think it’s amazing if you want to talk to people from all around the world,” continued Rola. “Because it really is fun!

The book uses Rola’s Instagram captions as a focus on learning native phrases.

The example pages provide useful phrases such as:

  • Pizza is my favorite food.
  • I’m addicted to pancakes.
  • I could eat popcorn forever!
  • I love mangoes!
  • I could live forever on lamb chops.
  • It’s a loooooovely day today!
  • She is soooooo nice!
  • It was a suuuuper fun party tonight.
  • Africa is far far away.
  • Brad Pitt is gorgeous, isn’t he?
  • I feel you!/I know, right?
  • My eyes are watery.

Rola is famous for her work ethic as a model and talent, so it’s no surprise the same perseverance allowed her polish her English in such a short amount of time.

Recalling her own journey, Rola says she started with the fundamentals and learning grammar, like everyone should when approaching a new foreign language. She immersed herself by studying recipes, communicating with her American manager, watching movies in English, studying vocab on apps while on the go, using the English she picked up in her everyday life to improve her skills.

The biggest key to her success is that she made time to study for 3-4 hours a day by getting up a bit earlier every morning.

Rola’s book “SPEAK ENGLISH WITH ME” will be released July 8.

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    • hizurisama

      Wow, a cookbook and now this, she’s on a roll. idk about fluent, I watched her RE interview and her pronunciation was quite a bit.. idk :/

      • yacchaitai

        I checked the interview and she sounded pretty good, i was expecting something like itano tomomi w how u wrote that

        • l3012
          • Bubi.

            this is so fcking iconic it’s not fair

            honorable mention: everyone has a secret, right? of course i have a secret….i think..maybe you too!


            • yacchaitai

              the top ayu joke for a few years

            • Wait, did Ayu really able to hold English conversations? Since when? I never knew this lol

              • circe154

                Gotta speak English if all you date are ugly white boys.

              • Bubi.

                I think she only started taking learning English seriously after.


            • Hajime Crea

              Is her secret that she has a white boy fetish?

            • surfboardt

              omg i have a secret too queen of being relatable to the common folk

          • hizurisama

            Oh my Lort, the interviewer is so extra lmao
            Itano’s English is legendary

          • hasawa

            Her chin is so distracting….

          • The Dark Dudette

            Why is it that everytime a native speaker interviews a Japanese celeb, they are more often than not flaying around their arms, making weird expressions and talking in these high pitched voices? It’s so jarring. It almost seems like the guest is being mocked

        • hizurisama

          She did well, I probably exaggerated a little bit, sorry for that. It’s just she sounded a little weird to my ears

      • Bubi.

        so other people don’t waste time looking for it:

        she sounds better than i thought tbh even if this is probably rehearsed

        • ChaiChai

          I’m impressed! No lie! D:

        • hasawa

          Her English is okay but i feel like japanese standards of speaking “fluently” a language are pretty low is this is considered “FLUENT english”

        • Ntouch

          She really annunciates very strongly lol

      • The Dark Dudette

        Fluent by Japanese standards? 🙎

    • Ashley

      God I hope my boyfriend doesn’t decide to use this…

    • King of the Kats


    • What

      “Brad Pitt is gorgeous, isn’t he?” This is considered a useful phrase??

      • ChaiChai

        I feel you!/I know, right?

      • Bugsy

        For learning tags?

    • Midna

      Huh this is different xD

    • Owari Konoyono

      “Fun English phrases and fashionable slang used by natives.”
      If I had study such native English every morning, that is like that expressiooooooon.
      It would have seemed me to be forever addicted to “fashionable slang”.

    • Mr Waffle

      “I could eat popcorns forever”

      Oh come on. COME ON. Countable/uncountable nouns are literally beginner English. COME ON.

    • rkc



    • The Dark Dudette

      With this book, the ones smart enough to buy it will as be as fluent in English as my 3.6 year old niece! Did anyone see pics of captions on Brooklyn Beckham’s ‘photography book’? They are just as tragic as these.

    • Matcha

      Rola truelly thinks she’s white, it’s fucking hilarious! xD

    • TakeThat
      “I’m so excited I feel like wooooooooooo hehehehehe”
      “And the cast ARE in Tokyo I feel like more you know anoo like yayyy :P yes”
      “Mila? Oh she’s so nice ummm she’s always kind and it wassssss I was more excited than nervous YEAHH”

      Rola fuck off and take some lessons. YOU shouldn’t be teaching ENGLISH to ANYONE. Dumbass tarento, I want to know whose dick you sucked to even get a role.