Sex Scandal Development: 3 Popular Male Idols & A Pregnant 17 Year Old

As previously reported on ARAMA! JAPAN, It is currently being reported that members of a certain male idol group are causing their agency great trouble due to drinking and immoral sexual acts with a minor. One of which is believed to impregnated a 17 year old girl!

According to a new article on DailyNewsOnline, one of the men is said to have just landed a huge sponsorship which has caused advertisers to investigate because if his name is revealed while they air his commercials they could face great backlash. It is rumored that the 3 men are now extremely pale from the news and hope no further evidence comes out.

When the news first broke, many netizens were speculating on who these 3 men can be, naming groups like SMAP, Sexy Zone, and KAT-TUN as main suspects. However many now believe it to be 3 members of Hey!Say!JUMP. Other netizens don’t believe the rumors and are questioning the legitimacy of the sources.

Catch some comments from Girls Channel below and be sure to let us know what you think of this whole ordeal!

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2016/09/08(木) 21:32:22
I want to know who it is!!
[+1726 -108]
2016/09/08(木) 21:32:32
Was it Hey!Say!JUMP after all?
[+1639 -16]
匿名 2016/09/08(木) 21:32:36
Please don’t publish an article without a name.
[+1124 -39]
匿名 2016/09/08(木) 21:33:03
Although they’re using Yamada Ryosuke’s image, I wonder wonder who it really is.
[+426 -26]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:15
Is this from the latest Tokyo Sports? lol.
[+1634 -74]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:21
This is Heisei isn’t it? Isn’t Yamada the only one with a major contract and company.
[+959 -21]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:30
Please make an announcement when this criminal is found.
[+995 -21]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:31
It’s sentence spring.
[+1533 -60]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:32
They just look the other way unless it’s assault or rape… The woman must be in distress.
[+3033 -80]
2016/09/08(木) 21:34:02
[+1885 -22]
2016/09/08(木) 21:35:03
The ways of a woman participating in drinking and such promiscuity at 17…

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    • Sio

      Yabu and Keito aren’t pale tho…

      • Owatari

        Pale as in when you’re sick and/or loose your natural hue due to stress etc. Not naturally pale…

        • Mio

          I don’t think that’s what she meant??

    • Mónica Ruiz

      “The ways of a woman participating in drinking and such promiscuity at 17…”

      Yeah, and the ways of a male idol participating in an orgy with a 17 year old.

      • mikamika

        …and without any means of birth control and protection against STDs :/ Probably thought it was the girl’s job (if these guys ever think at all)

    • yourcoffeesucks

      She needs to get on Maury. I need closure for this scandal.

    • eplizo

      I’m not here for speculation. Either reveal the people or shut up lol.

      • Ano

        It was amusing the first time posted but if the latest “development” is still not without any names, I don’t see the point.

    • Reileen

      Meanwhile, HSJ are just out and about on the streets tho. Doesn’t look like they’re shaken from fear or something

      • Ano

        Literally out and about? I’m doubting it was them especially Yamada. Its out of character for him to be in a drunken orgy. He seems to be someone who has strong self control.

        I say we move on from this blind item and talk about something else like MASSU [news] GOT CAUGHT ON A GYOZA DATE WITH A RAD LOOKING GIRL.
        Or some actual news like Sho getting a new year Fuji Tv drama SP.

        • kfc

          I’m not saying it’s Yamada, but that’s what called the darkness of the entertainment world. Someone’s character outside might be very different from what they are in private. The perfect and your good man Sho is a heavy smoker. There’s nothing wrong with smoking, but it’s unexpected right? Nino and his “powerhouse” thingy.

          What I want to say is celebrities usually creates their own character to appear in public. We will never know how they are in private.

          • guest


          • GratefulToSMAP

            Trudat. Another example – Ohno.

            • Ano

              As an Arashi fan Ohno scandal while it was shocking, because he was in danger of getting arrested for the pot, personality wise it was not surprising. Prior to the face on thigh, alleged pot 3p party, there were some rumors about him with a girl in Kyoto. He was also known to be a rebel when he was young. Around 2004 he hanged out with artsy crowd and random mixed of people. There were some pictures. Ohno is also known to have a rather chill yet susceptible personality during those days.

              • GratefulToSMAP

                I didn’t follow Ohno’s private life at all so I found it shocking as it was very different from his TV persona, where he seem disnterested in fashion, staying in his parents house till his late 20s and very devoted to his fishing hobby etc.

                • Ano

                  For a casual fan i can understand the surprise but as a fan, even if some of us don’t follow his private life, its easy to discern he’s not just an innocent mama’s boy slash fishing enthusiast. The way he interacted with people in lots of arashi late night shows (c,d,g no arashi) and how he’s pretty out of the box sometimes gave a glimpse to his private self. He has that “chill” vibe that don’t mind a bit of partying.

                  • Akkun

                    Y’know, I really think the most mysterious member in Arashi is Ohno. Also Sho. Many people have said that Sho is your typical great young man, but it’s like he’s just ‘too perfect’ so sometimes he makes me wonder about his true self. Nagase too once said when he was asked to choose whom he would not choose for her daughter to marry one of Arashi members, he answered Sho because he’s too perfect so he doesn’t know what Sho’s up to. I guess his work as newscaster really polished him and helped him creating a good image. Cuz before he became a newscaster many said he used to attend goukons, piercings, likes gal-types and halfies, etc.

                    While Ohno, he doesn’t speak much usually and well because variety are mostly scripted there are no problems. But I agree sometimes he shows a glimpse of his true self whether it’s on purpose or not. I think there’s really more of himself.

                    As for other members, I think Aiba is just as you seen on TVs – a kind and cheerful person. Nino, I think he’s same. Bratty and has a sharp tongue. Also he shuts himself mostly. Jun… I don’t think he has something really different from his character. It’s just his awkward interactions with Sho makes me wonder if they have something. But fans spotted them drinking alone on a bar in akasaka and sakumoto fans lose their mind lol

                    Well, I’m just stating my opinion about the public image and private life thingy.

                    • Ano

                      All of them are pretty complex individual. Whether its the public or private image, its all them. Just want to say that because sometimes people mistake it as them being fakes for having multiple façades.

                      • Akkun

                        Well, yeah. Despite their happy, close friends and goody-goody image I think it’s different from what they are in private. I’m sure they have the same amount of problems behind their huge success. Nino also said once in baystorm that Arashi only meets when there’s work or something. Well, I think most celebrities are like that too. Sometimes telling lies like “we’re on good terms” or something.

                      • Ano

                        Umm..i think you got me wrong lol.
                        “We’re on good terms” is the truth and so is “we only met when there’s work”. “We are decent human beings” are the truth and so is whatever secret vices they get themselves into. They are both “bad” and good and its fine.

              • Lol

                But his pictute with those girls is gold…high ohno is amusing
                But yeah his scandal really endangered his and arashi career..
                He was so intense in 24h tv in 2008… and his naruse persona didnt help him to rid his wonder he wanted to quit arashii those period

                • Ano

                  He wanted to quit Arashi in 2006 after his 3104 solo con (i memorized the timeline based on their documentary). I think the scandal in 2008 might’ve prevented him from leaving. I think due to a combination of overwhelming fans support (a lot of us sent emails to their endorsers vouching for his character) plus the jimusho doing a great job covering him (they now own his ass with that leverage), he’s practically bound to Arashi. Only in 2009 did he finally accepted being stuck with us, forever.

              • light

                I highly doubt Ohno was really in any danger. The pics where old when they came out and there was no proof of the use of pot, just rumors mostly from netizens. As far as we know he could have just been very drunk.

                • Ano

                  Well, I was in the fandom when it happened and there was a lot of reports and complains lodged to the police that they had to make a statement over the investigation. They really have no case against Ohno because the pictures was from 2006 and there was no proof Ohno had taken any illegal substance but some people took the advantage trying to ruin Ohno/arashi. This was not some conspiracy theory on our part. there was an official investigation despite the lack of proof due to pressure from the hate campaign started by a group of netizens. The police attention was also due to some drug related case involving celebrities. Some of his cms was also taken off air/site which was jarring since it was freshly aired. Thankfully it got cleared and Ohno was no longer under suspicion.

                  • light

                    No i wasn’t implying that it was a cospiracy theory, don’t worry =) I just meant, as you said, that there wasn’t anything the police could work with,aside from those netizens doing the most, thus the part about danger of getting arrested sounded weird. But he was surely super stressed about the whole thing, he got so thin…

            • Ano

              Just want to add, Sho smoker was not surprising, at all. He has done far more rebellious things than chain lighting tobacco. He “allegedly” swiped fangirls feet with his umbrella once, has a notorious temper, piercings, etc.

          • Ano

            Sho a smoker is not unexpected lol. Nino a powerhouse is not a surprise when he has all this beautiful girlfriends. Its a big clue he’s a powerhouse.

            Yamada though…i don’t get that vibe. if he is this unruly its news to me.

          • Niña

            “Someone’s character outside might be very different from what they are in private.”

            But Yamada is known to be loud and rowdy publicly, with a sharp tongue. So him being someone with strong self control is actually what breaks his public character.

            • Alia

              Since when? He’s known to be bratty only with members of his group, he’s never made any public commotions, never fought with staff/fans/paparazzi, has been caught shopping with both his parents, known to be very respectful to seniors, never seen drunk in the streets… it was an issue once that he has low tolerance to alcohol, and has a thing for brands.
              That’s honestly all I’ve ever heard, and people actually spot him on the street a lot there are even pics of him hanging out at places like Disney land and Zara. So there was never much of a specific public character except for he is easily recognizable. Daiki once mentioned that the two of them went out to eat at a place he was a regular at and yet they recognized Yamada as some celebrity. The biggest flaw in this report is the lack of eyewitnesses because Yamada doesn’t go out much and when he does, everybody knows.

              • Niña

                Woops, sorry. I meant “publicly” as in with what he shows in variety shows and cons and all that, lol. Basically what I meant was, he’s this loud and rowdy personality in shows and whatevs, but he’s actually more reserved in private, i.e. everything you listed down. But I do agree about the biggest flaw in this report, that’s why I doubted it when it was first released. I’m pretty sure if he did this, or any of them really, there would be solid evidence, as Yamada is known to get recognized a lot.

                • Alia

                  Yeah true he does come off as a rowdy brat doesn’t he haha.
                  ikr, also the shooting of his drama is underway FujiTV is his biggest contractor right now so…

                  • Niña

                    He does, hahaha! But I feel like he’s really mature, so yea, I don’t think he’s an actual rowdy brat irl, lol.

                • Ano

                  I always have the impression that Yamada is very aware that he’s being “watched” so I can’t imagine him being disastrously careless like this. It just doesn’t make sense.

                  • Niña

                    Same. I’m pretty sure he knows how much people recognize him, so he’s more careful about things.

        • レン

          Okay, i need to know more about this Massu info! Are there any pictures?!? *search into net like a hacker*

        • Koushiba

          Do you have a link? I want to know more about Massu’s date!

      • GratefulToSMAP

        Although I must say, in the latest episode of Itadaki High Jump where they did the challenges as a group, there was something off about them. Dunno if it was filmed before or after the rumor though.

        • Lee

          Yamada’s had black hair for some time now according to con reports and this came out earlier this week only, this itajump episode was probably filmed way before any of this… just saying.

          • GratefulToSMAP

            Good to know! Thanks :)

            • Lee


            • Lee

              Yamada was apparently suffering from some injuries he suffered on set of FMA during that time, he fell twice during a basketball challenge on national TV too.

    • レン

      Oh c’mon…Say the names already and stop messing around with everybody. It’s not Yamada nor anyone in Hey! Say!, we already know that but they’re on the mouths of everybody right now because of their rising popularity. And wait to see if this is not all a made up thing, i’ll not discard it either.

      • jared

        how do you know it’s not them miss cleo

        • レン

          Pure common sense. Did you read the first scoop that was publised? It’s a bunch of things put together to create the most epic drama ever. It sounds like the plot of a tragic teenage movie. I’m on the boat for it being a made up by someone who wants to draw attention or get money – don’t know the mean reason tho.

          • mikamika

            Because they’d get attention and money – that’s enough for some people (e.g. s.a.)

    • Nikki ok

      “Please don’t publish an article without a name.” pretty much

    • mikamika

      I still think they’re some relatively unknown guys. Had it really been HSJ or someone of similar popularity they’d probably named them ‘national idols’ and not just ‘super popular’.

      • jared

        HSJ is national idol status now?

        • mikamika

          No, but they’d hardly write “pop singers who some might have heard about though probably no one cares about”

          • jared

            yeah, i agree they’re super popular, and one of the top selling johnny’s groups now, but not in the national idol status.

            • Ashley

              I like HSJ and live in Japan, they are definitely not national idol status, that’s Arashi and SMAP.

        • レン

          What are you, a common hater trying to catch everyone’s eye by puting here your bullsh**? Keep on trying love! In the meantime i’m gonna go buy some raincoat for your bile not to splash on my new shirt.

          • jared

            what? are you okay? i asked a question, the fuck? lol

            • レン

              My apologies, yesterday wasn’t my day at all. I misunderstood completely your way of asking, sorry ( ; ; )

          • Manuela

            wow here it is…another delulu making our fandom look bad *sighs*

            • レン

              I’ve already said my apologies to the person i was impolite to. I’m not a “delulu”, i just had a bad day and misunderstood the comment.

              And don’t worry about “your fandom”, you can keep it for yourselves. I can’t stand much those things. I’ve been always better on my own and plan on keep on going like this!

              • tohbeekoh

                Then find a group which you can stan solo and STAY AWAY FROM “OUR” HSJ DELULU PERSON. Bye.

                • レン

                  Ugh…Must a person of my age have to still keep on dealing with this crybaby things? Really?
                  And please, read yourself: “Find a group” and “stand/stay alone” do not match well each other. I don’t like being with people because of people like you. I’m sorry for any kind of group which have majority of this kind of “fans” that like them only for their “pretty faces”. Oh, and please, don’t tell i’m wrong, i’ve been too many years into this not to know it, i’ve experimented it in my own flesh in multiple ways. So yeah, please, leave me alone, that would be a great pleasure.

      • Ano

        If they named them national idol (male) that would narrow it down to only 2 (arashi & smap) + 1 (exile coz “artiste”) groups.

    • Buzz

      Am I the only one who have doubts about this rumor? It’s feel like a made up unbelievable story esp there is no real sources about this. I think it’s happened with unknown people yet these idols might be around the scene and they are caught suspecting them.

    • Rina

      For me it can be anyone from Johnnys tho… as long as the article said they’re popular idol group. HSJ, SMAP, Kis-my-ft2, KATTUN, NEWS, ABCZ, or Arashi…

      • Kuku

        The first news said young popular idol we can rid at least kattun or arashi or news

    • Nik

      If it is HSJ isn’t it statutory since they’re older than 20?

      I recall when Hashimoto Ai was 17 and dating an actor about 20 netizens were saying it was statutory rape. Same when it comes to enjo kosai.

      • Ano

        Isn’t japan legal consent is 16yr old?

        • M

          Consent isn’t the same though. Look, I’ll give an example; In Canada, the legal age of consent is 14. So they can have sex with someone between the ages of 14-17. HOWEVER, if someone over the age of 18 has sex with someone under 18, its statutory, regardless of whether consent was given. This is why parents/police can charge the older person with statutory and it’s out of the younger person’s hands, despite them haven given consent (example: parents having an older boy charged for statutory with their young daughter).

          I don’t know as much about Japan’s laws but I’m pretty sure the idea is the same.

          • Ano

            Is that so. I’m glad to hear that because everytime if something like this came up people always brought up Japan’s 16yr old consent. I thought it meant these 16 yr olds can lawfully consummate with whoever they want and that was it. Thanks for telling me about statutory.

            • Ashley

              Japan’s law can also be tricky because there is a national age but most prefectures have passed laws to make the age higher.

    • tiffany nicole

      Why report a story if you’re not gonna use the fucking names and pictures? Like if we can’t know who they are than what’s the point in even sharing the gossip? These tabloids man lol

    • Ashley

      It hasn’t been reported in anything reliable, and the old ladies at my work aren’t gossiping about it. So I doubt it’s true ;)

      • Kanjo Maru

        You don’t seem to know how the media works in Japan do you? The power that Johnny’s has is something else. Most media can’t risk publishing stories like this about them.

        • Ashley

          Well we disagree then. From what I’ve seen in the past if something of this magnitude was legit it would come out in a reliable source sooner or later. Even Johnny’s has its limits.

        • .

          nah, gossip rags have no qualms dishing out on johnny’s. if they were that afraid of them there wouldn’t have been any akanishi troop scandals or that ohno weed scandal out in the public.

      • GratefulToSMAP

        I don’t think old ladies would be into HSJ gossip?

        • Ashley

          The old ladies at my work gossip about anything entertainment news related. Anything that is more interesting than their own lives lol

    • Mayel

      I can’t stop laughing when they considered Sexy Zone once. Like FumaKenShori orgy? What hahahahahhaha

    • Niña

      Lol, the news was already dead. But ok Japanese media. Anything to keep sales/website views going.

    • Uniqmiracle

      I doubt its kattun. The remaining members seem to have a sense of maturity in this type of thing. And I don’t think they’re stupid enough to wreck themselves even more with stuff like this now.

      • yue

        same with SMAP… they are all old enough and mature enough to do this kind of thing I think…

    • GratefulToSMAP

      What does “It’s sentence spring” mean?

      • eureeka

        “sentence spring” is an awkward translation of bunshun (文春) which is the name of a tabloid that frequently publishes celebrity scandals. Becky used the term after bunshun published evidence of her affair with Kawatani Enon in a private message where they were joking about the story. It made made it seem like she wasn’t really sorry and she got a lot of flack for it.

        • GratefulToSMAP

          I see, thanks!

    • Will

      I’m just waiting for the names tbh *sips tea*

    • namesorgtfo

      So what will HSJ announce today/tomorrow?

      • Pau Rey

        are they supposed to announce something tomorrow?

        • namesorgtfo

          Usually when there’s a Johnny’s “scandal”, an announcement (CD/ concert/ drama/ etc) follows. Though not sure if it’ll be like that this time, since it’s a weak follow up story with nothing new in it…

        • feeeels

          They just announced a single. WHAT IS HAPPENING???? XD

      • Niña

        Probaby a single or something. I hope it’s a single. I want another one before the year ends, lol. But I doubt it, because as you said, it’s a weak follow up story.

      • Sakuno chan

        It is unfair to link an announcement from them with this rumor especially since a single is expected soon, Yamada’s new drama and their release schedule makes it very possible that there is a single coming. So the two are not related in any way.

    • miona

      Can you guys please update us when something legit comes out? Didnt we have enough of the guessing game in the previous post?

      • Mia

        The fact that even arama has tagged the post with Yamada Ryosuke is really something… when popular idol group could mean anyone from Johhny to some Korean kids.
        And so far from what I know, he doesn’t have any commercial deal -_-“

      • GratefulToSMAP

        Speculation posts gets clicks and comments.

        “Was it HSJ?” is the new “Will Jun and Mao get married this year?”

        • Miona

          Haha, we definitely got the answer for that 😂

        • mikamika

          So ‘No’ then

    • Wth

      You guys tag this post on Yamada’s name?
      This things still a blind item for many people, so please don’t make it looks like you guys already judges yamada for this.

      • ADe

        Yeah what’s up with that?
        On what basis are you guys going from blind item to scandal about Yamada RYOSUKE?

        • ?

          Clickbait … one of Arama’s standard methods.

      • Sakuno chan

        Obviously arama people know something we don’t.. Why not share

        • ADe

          So you are saying Arama knows who the culprits are so they are letting us know through the tags because the lack of any sort of information with evidence in this tabloid would lead us to wonder endlessly. Okay sure.
          Also speak for yourself, most people were ignoring this small piece of news no one cared about because of how shady everything is until some random Anon mentioned it on the last post, now it’s just a propaganda with no base.

          • Sakuno chan

            Actually you are way off from what I was trying to say.. I was saying that Arama are using the exact same tactic of the tabloids and are trying to get people excited and speculating without actual proof or real details. I mean the headlines says development but there is nothing new here.
            I personally refuse to believe anything bad said about anyone celebrity or not without proof, so don’t go jumping to conclusions on your own.

    • FrozenLand

      You might want to post about another news. Takahata Yuta has been released. All charges has been dropped.

      • Niña

        WHAT THE HELL?????

        • FrozenLand

          His lawyer and the victim had reached an agreement and they settled this out of court.

          I’m guessing his mother paid the victim a large sum of money. Such person wouldn’t learn from his mistake at all if he didn’t even get any form of punishment in the first place!

          • Niña

            BUT????? NO. UGH. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS.

            • FrozenLand

              Here’s the video of him walking out. Maybe it’s just me the look in his eyes gives me creeps.


              • Niña


      • light

        Ugh….but I kinda expected it…

      • rezuki

        WTH???? its really, what happen with japanese laws??

    • hotaru hime

      I don’t follow tabloids closely. is this a norm that they usually don’t reveal the idols in the articles? (or dropping obvious hints)

      I wonder if they trying to gain something from the agency to “shut them up”, or they do not have actual evidence to support their claim. since the “story” came from an interview with the victim… and it was so detailed and drama-liked that it doesn’t seem real

      • Lee

        This is a pretty serious accusation to not have any evidence for. They can be sued for defamation it they randomly name names… also the sensationalistic tones of it makes it seems like just a story for quick money off of whoever is the most popular currently. Since a lot of people keep mentioning Yamada for reasons he is the ‘in thing’ now;
        Yamada didn’t lose his current biggest contractor (as per this article) that is obviously Fuji TV. They just started filming earlier today.
        This article can be about anyone really, but the facts are pretty illogical.

    • BabyPanda

      Yes because using their silhouette means it must be them, I mean, it’s not like they always use random silhouette of people or something….

      • Mio

        It’s like I can pick out a random person and make a story about them but people will believe it because I hinted it through the pic -_-‘

    • HevRev

      People suspected KAT-TUN? Really?

    • Anis Syafira

      I just read a fanfics about Yamada impregnated someone . Then I found this article . Wow did arama got the idea from the fanfics? Hahaha 😂😂

      I’m a big fan of Yamada . There’s no way I could accept it was him . Why everyone is suspecting him ? Tell me the reasons please . This stupid rumors would just ruin his career . But I will support him until the truth come out .

    • Jihyunpi

      Still waiting for the reveal here.. LOL

    • Isabella

      I really believe that Yamada, Keito and Yabu didn’t do that. For starters, it would have been a more believable story if it had Chinen or Yuto instead of Yabu, just because they actually hang out with Keito and Yamada frequently, thus making it kinda weird for Yabu, a person who doesn’t personally connect with the other two, being their, supposly getting drunk and supposedly doing any sort of thing connecting with that topic