Netizens React to GACKT’s Revealing Photo While Simultaneously Dragging Ayumi Hamasaki

Recently Visual Kei singer and actor GACKT uploaded a picture of himself to his instagram. In usual GACKT fashion the VK icon is showing off his body, however, in this new photo he’s lowered his pants to show of a little more!

Currently the photo has amassed 33.3k likes, but it wouldn’t be complete without people offering their unsolicited opinions on his body and dragging his dear old friend Ayumi Hamasaki in the process.

Is GACKT just being body positive? Will Ayumi Hamasaki ever catch a break? Check out some of the netizen comments below and let us know what you think!

[+1106 -27]
2017/01/12(木) 20:03:27 [通報]
This is gross.
[+1176 -6]
Hey! I want to see it!!
[+1038 -22]
[+976 -8]
Why did he pull it down that low?
[+751 -10]
I wonder if it’s shaven (down there).
[+755 -15]
Uhm… Does he not know his own age?
[+634 -6]
I’m more worried about his lips.
[+619 -12]
I’m sorry this is gross.
[+719 -10]
He’s starting to look like the male version of Ayumi Hamasaki.
[+340 -8]
When you’re a singer, but have no activities I guess this is all there is to do.
[+472 -8]
He’s wanted us to see for awhile.

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[+84 -4]
A friend with the same hobby.
  • Comments

    • Thomas

      EXCUSE ME but his body is flawless.

    • eplizo

      YESSS KING! He looks fucking good.

    • Brett

      “He’s starting to look like the male version of Ayumi Hamasaki.”
      Ms. 通報, delete this post or I will be filing a law suit. The choice is yours to make.

    • surfboardt

      Eh, I’d paperbag it, brain replacement, and a penis replacement if the pearling rumors are true.

      • Evan Misha

        I really didn’t need to know this

    • Evan Misha

      How long do people think the human midsection is that the pubes would start below his sweatpants

      • nothingsover

        Japanese people don’t have sex so I guess they don’t know these things

      • Fadingstar

        To be fair though, a lot of east Asian men and women are pretty hairless. I thought it was normal for guys not to have any hair at all (other than armpit) from neck down to the belt, when I was growing up as my dad never had any chest hair because he’s Asian.

        • Evan Misha

          But pubes, though? Like, do people really have a hard time believing GACKT manscapes?

          • Fadingstar

            It’s not as big of a thing over there from what I recall.

        • lovehello

          What? lol east asians are so hairy. Are you only looking at the porn where they are all shaved or something?

          • Fadingstar

            If they’re so hairy, explain why a good portion of them can’t even grow proper facial hair?

    • nothingsover

      He looks AWESOME. To have that kind of body at any age but especially at his is total #fitspo. The V definition is impressive. I’ve seen him talk about his workout routine and it’s pretty insane.

    • poton

      He looks damn hot.

    • onionhurtsmyeyes

      excuse me, but he’s so hot. really, really hot. just how old is he right now?

      • Rinny ~

        He’s 43.

    • iora89

      he looks great though. idk what netizens are saying~

    • Breathless

      He has been acting a little like some upcoming teen starlet lately, with all the shirtless selfies in bathrooms and everywhere. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a great body, but yeah at the same time he is 43. Wouldn’t hurt to take it down a notch, imo.

      • lovehello

        Why? American celebrities do this all the time no matter how old they are

    • ae_abercrombie

      It must be men commenting. There’s no way some women could pass that up. I said SOME. Some women wouldn’t sleep with him. I’m sorry, but even if he’s 43, I’d hop on that. Thank you Lord for the bountiful meal I’m about to receive. Yas!

      • Evan Misha

        Yeah he looks totally bangable when he’s looking down or when the photo cuts off at his neck

        • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

          I snorted at this and boogers flew out, lmao.

    • yacchaitai

      They always bash anyone who doesn’t cover up everything after 30

    • Jo


    • Sarah Terese Manning

      To be honest, I don’t think the angle does him justice compared the the straight on ones. Maybe in the west we are more used to older people revealing their bodies? I don’t know, it’s not really any different to the guys who lift posting pics of themselves in the gym on insta, is it? Nothing wrong with him being proud of his body tbh.
      (I just wish he’d grow his hair out a little xD)

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      His body definitely looks good, but his mind… is yuck. No thank you.

    • Deep River


    • Just Tim

      I’d love to learn how GACKT became beach body ready, to the point I want to become one myself.

    • You can see his vagina bones

    • YuzuFlip

      Um…something would have to go over his face. It’s not good…

    • Do-tell

      Hot bod’ but I’m concerned about his lips. :/

    • Christina Gmiterko

      Poor Ayu. lol. It’s really hard to take any of those comments seriously because Japanese constantly bash people who are over 30 and show any skin at all. Heck, even 25 is considered over the hill oftentimes. And btw, at 43 his body looks damn good and better than lots of guys in their 20s.