EXILE’s TAKAHIRO caught in photo on Tomomi Itano’s blog?

While couple rumors have dogged them since 2011, EXILE‘s TAKAHIRO (29) and former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano (23) are in the news once again after a man bearing what appeared to be TAKAHIRO’s distinctive arm tattoo was seen in the frame of a photo posted to Itano’s official blog.

Itano reportedly deleted the picture and her blog post to prevent news from spreading, but a quick-thinking reader took a phone screenshot of the offending image before it could be wiped out entirely:

The topic blew up on anonymous women’s entertainment board Girls Channel with over 1,500 comments, few of which were particularly supportive of the singers. Follow their discussion below!

Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:23:47
This feels intentional
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:06
It’s suspicious that she deleted it so quickly
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:18
They’re dating, so it’s no big shock that he’d be in the picture
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:22
I thought Itano-san looked cute smiling naturally like this.
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:28
Deletion = admission, don’t you think?
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:40
What does TAKAHIRO see in Itano?
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:43
TAKAHIRO has some tattoos alright, such a turn-off…

Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:25:04
An ikemen like TAKAHIRO should have no reason to go out of his way to date a plastic surgery cyborg like this…
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:25:12
They should just come out with it
like when Ayu was with Nagase.
I don’t like this kind of see-through appeal.
If you’re gonna do it, go all the way.
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:25:28
Similar bracelet, too?

These details weren’t all that eagle-eyed observers picked up on in the picture, however, and after a good deal of off-topic conversation in the post, a subsequent thread was made to talk about Itano’s change in breast size, with many calling her a “Barbie,” likening her to the infamous “French doll” talent Vanilla Chamu and even picking apart her fashion choices.

Nikkan Cyzo also ran an article speculating on the feasibility of Itano having gotten breast implants given the schedule of her recent S×W×A×G tour, which finished its run at Zepp Tokyo on the 15th, concluding that it was possible but a risky decision if true due to the necessary downtime and reduced intense physical activity required for such a procedure.

With no statement forthcoming from either party on the lake photo mishap, it seems that netizens and tabloids alike will be turning to this topic for their Itano gossip fix.

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    • Victoria Season

      judgemental comments on girls channel again? same old.

      • Guest

        You could say that about any site’s comments really

        • yanderenightmares

          Yea, true.

    • Guest

      why leave that little bit of arm that is so definitely identifiable? especially with such terrible tattoos…omfg

      • Guest

        to create a buzz around herself

      • l3012

        I like Tomo, but considering her album didn’t sell THAT well, a bit of media following her due of this wouldn’t hurt her fame-wise.

    • Jurippe

      It’s not like she didn’t graduate. Let the girl have her fun.

      • yanderenightmares

        I’m pretty sure the only people getting pissy about this are takahiro’s fangirls.

      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        Takahiro fell in love to a bitch like Takei

    • semperINA

      I have no issue with either of them dating. What bothers me is the fact that visually, they don’t look good together.

    • letina

      Wow at the shade #22 is throwing, but Takahiro ain’t that cute–like, at all.

      • He has that overdone hair, pretty, almost lesbian look the Japanese like. I mean they keep praising this scarecrow looking guy: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/74/fa/97/74fa975f2d128d418dc56e29235eea16.jpg

        • oreally?

          No! No! No! Kimutaku has NOTHING to do with this!

          • He has EVERYTHING to do with it.

        • Flora

          You are a mod, aren´t you? Just curious, not that I care, everyone is entitled to have her/his own judgements, but still curious : aren´t mods supposed to remain impartial and moderate conversations?
          I mean no offense, I was just surprised by the derogatory “scarecrow”

          • Like you said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mods are no different.

            There is no agreed upon definition of a mod’s role on the internet really, but on this site, they’re here to make sure comments between users don’t cross the line into the personal attack territory. So what I’m getting at is that celebrity commentary here is fair game (besides racism and inflammatory comments obviously), but other users are not fair game.

            • Thanks!

            • Flora

              “celebrity commentary here is fair game
              (besides racism and inflammatory comments obviously), but other users
              are not fair game”.
              Sorry, I am not sure to understand. Do you mean commentary about celebrities are ok, but are not ok when it is about other users? If so, I fully agree.
              … and now that I think of it, if you allude that my post was an attack of something, really sorry, this is not what it was meant. As I said, just curious

              • Yup! That’s exactly it.

                Your post wasn’t an attack, don’t worry haha

          • “Scarecrow” is a derogatory term?

            • Flora

              uhm, I guess your question is ironic… but well, I may be mistaken since English is not my native language

              • Ohh, it’s fine. No big deal.

    • l3012

      Well, there is non-surgical way to increase the size of boobs.

      She looks great in the picture, happy and the boob job suits her: she looked like a child sometimes in some shoots, and considering she’s appealing to a more mature look…it was going to happen sooner or later.

      • Nameless

        lmao! sis no

        • l3012

          I’m not exactly her biggest fan, but gotta admit the boobs gave her a better balance than her childish body from before lol

    • guest

      is this website now sponsored by girls channel?

      anyway, I watched her show with kojima ruriko recently and also couldnt help but notice the boob growth^^

      • We should be! They’re just the easiest site to follow discussion on (for me, anyway).

      • They’re easy to follow/read! If you know of different sites, by all means, share!

      • Nameless

        Shut up

    • Nana28

      Takahiro is hot and oh well idc if they date

    • What

      I just don’t understand this relationship

    • anon

      Oh she knew he was in the picture.

    • mintyaiko

      The users on girls channel always so bitter. Always tearing fellow women when they probs ain’t no catch themselves (face or personality wise).

      Viva la Takahiro x Tomochin

      • twin_angels

        They’re the female version of 2ch, who’s always harsh towards (non)/celebrity dating their poor innocent, cute, virgin idols/actresses. What do you expect? ;p

        • mintyaiko

          I know, doesn’t make them any less bitter lol

          • twin_angels

            Hahahahaha… I agree!

    • Guest

      “Nikkan Cyzo also ran an article speculating on the feasibility of Itano having gotten breast implant”

      When it’s put like that it sounds so fkn dumb.

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      First of all …wow.. HUGE. *LOL*

      And secondly… well, Itano has a good taste. Takahiro is a damn handsome guy. :)

    • eplizo

      LMFAO. caught.

    • Guest

      Damn she’s ugly.

    • That couple would look awkward together

    • Lilly

      He’s too good for her!

    • yanderenightmares

      I’m sorry but plastic surgery (the process) freaks me out. Those Plastic surgeons have got guts of titanium. I’d be throwing up all over the place.

    • lolipopo

      Kinda wish Tomochin got a better looking guy. Takahiro ain’t even cute.

    • Rebecca Leonard

      Oh. My. Gosh.