Nanao and JOY break up after cheating comes to light

It was revealed that actress and model Nanao (25) and talent JOY (29) have decided to call it quits on their relationship.

The two had appeared in numerous fashion shows and variety programs together and officially started dating last April. The two were also caught on a date this past July, bringing their relationship to light. Their two agencies also confirmed that they were dating.

Despite that, shortly after that announcement, JOY was caught cheating on Nanao with a gravure idol. According to a friend, Nanao was truly shocked about the reports of JOY cheating on her. The two continued dating, but it put a crack in their relationship which gradually became too much to handle.

A friend explained, “After JOY got caught cheating, he still was getting photographed with random women and Nanao began to lose interest in him.” In addition to that, Nanao has also gained popularity from appearing in the drama “FIRST CLASS” and she has been busy filming its sequel. This gave the couple little time to be together. A friend stated, “They discussed this in July and August and I heard that due to the distance they mutually wanted to return to being just friends”.

(via: Yahoo!Japan)

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    • Monsuket

      Nice for them for staying as friends but Joy,honey,cheating? really? ugh.

    • sumomona

      i’ll never get japan’s hard on for white boys with wonder bread faces, but at least joy is funny once in a while. yuji all the way tho

      • unexpected

        Joy is white??? I thought he is at least mixed?????

        • I thought his father was British and his mom Japanese?

        • Non

          He’s definitely half-Japanese half-European.

      • Yeah he’s hafu. The white features just dominate his face lol. Like Becky.

      • OhSnap!

        omg, I laughed more than I should.

      • yamakita

        Must be some kind of inferiority complex.

      • Amethist

        I didn’t knew him before, but when I saw the picture of the article I just assumed he was one of those Japanese with the more westernized type of face. Now that I see some other pictures on google, it’s more obvious he’s half though..

        Oh well, halfs are viewed differently from full blood white people by the Japanese, though. My Japanese friend said that people in Japan like halfs because they are “exotic but not too exotic”. XD

    • surfboardt

      I’m sorry, but I don’t care if JOY’s penis is rumored to be the size of a taiko drumstick, cheating is a huge /nope.

    • But where is Joy’s exile from the entertainment industry for cheating? Oh wait…#EverybodyKnows

      • owatta nana

        although i do agree, it’s a little different because they weren’t married.

    • eplizo

      He’s fugly…… good on her for leaving him LMAO.

    • OhSnap!

      I’m actually more surprised that he’s straight

      • owatta nana

        i’d be surprised if he wasn’t, with his reputation.

    • Jo

      I know neither of them

    • wafha kamenashi

      its mean Nanao is single again maybe there is a chance he can find a other guy fit to him!