Nana Eikura and Kento Kaku welcome the birth of their first child

Actress Nana Eikura has given birth to her first child!

Both the mother and baby are healthy following the childbirth at a hospital in Tokyo on 12th.

Eikura and her husband Kento Kaku have given comments to show their pleasure and gratitude to those who have supported them along the way.

I gave birth to a healthy baby weighing 2,700 grams (6 pounds),” writes Eikura. “Throughout this pregnancy until childbirth, many people have given us a lot of guidance. We are blessed to be surrounded by people who gave us love and provided me with help on a daily basis.

The child birthing went smooth all thanks to the baby’s cooperation,” Eikura continues. “More than anything, I’m sincerely thankful to my husband who stayed by my side.

With the size of my family growing, I would like to live my life with even more responsibility,” says Kaku. “Thank you for your blessings.

At this time, the couple have not decided to reveal the baby’s gender.

Nana Eikura and Kento Kaku registered their marriage last August and announced this pregnancy back in March of this year. The married couple first met while working together in 2014 TBS drama series “Testimony of N” and began dating shortly after.

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    • Azrul Hakim

      Congrats for both of them, however do feel old as saw on on dramas as young high school students few years back, lol.

    • light

      Awww congratulations!!

    • Lol

      lol I’m still thinking about the anon who mixed Kaku with Koide Keisuke

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      promoting having babies in japan~

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      Congrats to the couple!!! :)))

    • Male:ko

      Aaaw congratulation! :D

    • Midori

      Oh, they didn’t reveal the baby’s sex?! Nevermind…all the best to the happy couple and their newborn daughter or son! ^.^

    • Congrats to the new parents! :D

    • Jurippe

      Feels like yesterday as I watched her in Proposal. Jesus, aging via dramas.

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      Awww congrats you guys ^^!!!

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      Is it weird that I’m so Happy with this couple? My tragic OTP sailing IRL