Namie Amuro wishes to make the world a better place in new “Dear Diary” PV preview

The short version of Namie Amuro‘s newest video “Dear Diary” has been released to her official YouTube channel.

A heartfelt ballad that looks to answer humanity’s hesitation towards conflict, the music video features an impressive scene of huge glass bottles drifting off the coast, where Amuro looks longingly out towards them.

The visual feast was directed by Ryouhei Shingu, who previously worked with Amuro on the music video for NHK’s official 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic theme song “Hero” released earlier this year.

Check it out below!

Dear Diary” is being used as the theme song for the movie Death Note: Light up the NEW world.

Namie Amuro’s 44th single “Dear Diary/Fighter will be released October 26 in three versions: CD+DVD, CD, and Limited Edition.

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    • Brett

      I still think the song is a snooze fest, but the PV is really prettie.

    • Aki

      It’s amazing how much effort goes into her PVs/styling/image now, compared to Ayu. Yeah it’s the effect of sales but it really hits home the gap in their statuses.

    • Namie Amuro

      The song sounds really, really beautiful and the music video looks amazing. I’m actually surprised it is by the same director of “Hero”, since the music video for that song had a great concept but the quality could have been better.
      The CD+DVD single cover is beautiful, one of her best. It reminds me of “Baby Don’t Cry”, one of the best J-Pop songs in my opinion.
      Also, I’m really glad she sings more in Japanese again. It just sounds more natural, more meaningful. “Fighter” is pretty much all in English, one can’t even understand well at first what she is saying because she sings this long sentences in short periods of time.
      I’m really satisfied by how she is handling her career now. Hopefully we won’t get any “English-centered” albums for now, she sounds better singing in Japanese (I’m almost sure the songs she sings in Japanese are by Japanese producers too, they just sound different).
      Another great songs by Namie Amuro.

    • ApplePen

      I think “stares blankly” is a more accurate description of Namie as a whole. Song and PV are boring af, but the visuals are amazing.

    • Deep River

      A queen, a goddess, a legend.

    • Himi Tsu

      The PV is impressive ♥

    • hhhh

      no matter how they dress her up i can’t take my eyes off this woman’s giant forehead

    • The production value though!!!

      • kazu_no_ko

        I was seriously thinking the same thing. I like it tho. I was kinda worried it would be low budget looking but this looks nice. I’m looking forward to the rest.