Namie Amuro Releases English Language Documentary “NAMIE AMURO ~glorious days~”

Earlier today on her YouTube channel, Namie Amuro released a video titled “NAMIE AMURO ~glorious days~.” The 20 minute video gives an outline of Namie’s 25 year career, and features video and tour footage. Check it out below!

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    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      They couldn’t find a different narrator? Someone.. not so stilted and nasally..

    • Carolina Lamas

      what about the “engrish”? It seems the video was made for ppl around the world but this narrator made me wish it should be in japanese.

    • I love that they are doing this for her final year — the best album, the solo tours and etc truly cemented her legend status even more.

      I personally didnt find her voice special or groundbreaking (it wasnt as melodious or powerful as Ito Yuna for an example) but her career is really one of a kind. She is truly an inspiration on how she handle her career, personal life and most of all, I wish I have a grown up son/daughter while looking as young and fabulous as her lol.

    • Artemis

      I was excited when I saw this video was out, but kinda disappointed when I actually watched it. I don’t know, I guess I was hoping for something a bit deeper, when in reality it only came across as an excuse for an extended cm.

      • CyDo

        i think tv channels will compete to make a proper docummentary fr her, but the problem is whether Namie wants it or not. Namie is kinda down-to-earth and even refused Kouhaku so many times.

    • For the people commenting on the narrator, I’m pretty sure it’s the same person who’s done all of the voice work for Namie’s promotional commercials in the past like…several years, which I think was the point in having it be her.

      That said, I think this is a marvelous tribute, but it only makes me more sad that I’ll never be able to see her live. Going through the years and her accomplishments really had me nostalgic.

      • CyDo

        did the narrator speak in English too? tbh her English pronunciation is much better than me lol. and it’s considered really good for a Japanese

    • MrM

      No world tour? Asia only? Damn!