Namie Amuro Asks Fans Who They Want to See Her Collaborate with

Namie Amuro has opened a new voting site where she is asking fans to select 3 acts that they would like to see her work with. The voting period began on October 1 and ends on December 31 at 11:59 PM. She asks that fans only vote once. Voters will not be allowed to change their mind in the future. When voting, be sure to enter the act’s name correctly, or else your vote won’t be counted (use kanji for Japanese acts instead of romaji).

The appearance of this site has caused some to wonder if a new collaboration album is on the way for Namie, in the vein of 2011’s “Checkmate!” Since that album’s release, Namie has collaborated with TLC, Hakase Taro, Ken Hirai, Jolin Tsai, Hatsune Miku, David Guetta, Crystal Kay, and SHOW-YA. Are all these collaboration leading to “Checkmate! 2?” And who do you want to see Namie collaborate with? The voting link is after the jump!

Click here to vote!

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    • Kei

      I couldn’t think of anyone so I picked Perfume and SPEED (shrug emoji)

    • It would be interesting to see Shiina Ringo make a song for her, then Ringo can do a self-cover of it on the eventual Reimport 2.

      • A lot of the people commenting on Namie’s Facebook post were mentioning Ringo. It’d be an interesting collab, that’s for sure.

    • Arron Hayre

      I kinda want to see her work with Aklo … a good hip hop vibe is what i need from Namie at this moment. … Casually picked Ayu though, cause you know these two bitches are not gonna work together haha.

      • I also voted for AKLO!

      • kei

        there have been rumors for yeaaaaaaaaaars that they hate each other. when they were on music station together multiple times during ayu’s peak late 1999-2001 they barely even looked at each other even when they were next together LOL.

        • It’s funny though, because in the past few years wasn’t Namie seen at one of Ayu’s shows? I thought there was a news report on that a while back.

          • Arron Hayre

            Yeah I’ve heard she’s been spotted at a few Ayu shows over the last few years.

      • That’s a pretty good choice actually. And in general, I would like to see her work with underground hip-hop and dance music acts.

    • Miura Daichi

    • nope

      my choices were kodak kuuta, miliyah and BENI lol

    • yeap

      Is it only in my imagination or did Yamapi had a collaboration with her?

      I’d vote for Ohno because Taima-kun is hot right now. It’ll be very interesting.
      Ideally, Shiina Ringo would be awesome.

      • eruki

        Yes. Namie really did it with Yamapi on 2010 and they looking beautiful and hot couple XD

        • rtf2190

          RIP namie’s tattoos

      • kaorunanda

        Yes,they did. she said she like yamapi’s cool guy style after they met in music shows.
        Not sure she will go for other johnnys though. I mean that johnnys flashy type is way different with her style and music.

        • yeap

          Namie should get out of her cool box and I think Sacchan (not Arashi) will match her well. I’m thinking of something cheeky but cool like this:

    • JAK

      Kind of a stretch but I a hiphop collab with SALU ??

    • ARES

      ayumi hamasaki or yamapi again :)or ryosuke yamada xd,

    • Enes Eryigit

      My first choice was Seamo because he is also a hip hop singer. My other votes where GACKT and T.M.Revolution. I think a ballad with the later 2 is possible.

      • phililen3

        GACKT/T.M.R ballad collab equals super vibrato. They have such heavy vibrato. Fast tracks are fine but not on ballads. I would be too scared to listen.

    • eruki

      I would love to see her with Yamapi again. just for eyes candy lol

    • Bruno

      I’d love to see a clone concept with KARA’s Goo Hara

    • She’s definitely making Checkmate 2. She also let fans vote for Ballada’s tracklist, otherwise this would be random AF.

    • phililen3

      I hope this means my selections were submitted…

      • yes

        • phililen3

          Thank you

    • eplizo

      Omg I would totally be here for a Checkmate 2 if the music was just as good. Her music of recent has disappointed me, but this might give me hope.

      I’d vote for urban acts. Lots of the hot rappers atm, cause I’m sure she’d work with their producers, and that’s what I want. Maybe a Daichi Miura collaboration too…

    • Not that a collaboration between them would make any sense, but if Avex wanted to make some big money right now they’d push Namie to work with Kana, lol. Easy money for everyone involved. I can’t even imagine what that would sound like, though.

      • namiestan

        I guess the collaboration with Kana is possible, but if Namie wants to put out a thematic feel like “Checkmate!”, I guess she can collaborate with Ringo or Superfly

    • yourcoffeesucks

      Mine were Shimizu Shota, Ketsumeishi (like an awesome chill

      Okinawan hip-pop collab), and SJJD (becuz i’m trash lol)

    • Guilherme Teruya

      I voted for Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, not even sorry.

      Also, BENI would be nice.

    • I voted for Daichi Miura. They are both from Okinawa. They used to belong to the same company.

    • Liokt

      Superfly (something like “Damage” would be amazing), Ai Otsuka (her latest album somehow remind me of “FEEL” but with different approach and another artistic purpose) and Yusuke (his collaboration songs are very interesting overall and he definitely has this R&B vibe of Namie’s discography in the 2000’s).

    • I want her to give me underground indie-ish bop feat. DAOKO lol

    • Step Rivera

      Just to see if it will ever come true, I put down Arashi, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, and yes I know I picked Ayumi Hamasaki, but only because I wanted to see what both sides can bring to the table and to see if it will work at all. Plus I’m curious as to what type of song they can decide on doing. But Arashi and Sandaime J Soul Brother I really hope to see happen, even though it may be kinda a long shot, but you never know unless you submit the names!

    • mee-KE-le

      I voted for:
      1. 加藤ミリヤ (Miliyah Kato)
      2. AKLO
      3. WORLD ORDER

    • Midna

      Miliyah, Ringo, Ayumi, AKLO would be awesome. Arashi would be awesome too (but that’s NEVER going to happen).

    • ChaiChai

      Voted for Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and Daichi Miura. Ayu is getting a lot of votes from what I hear, but I hardly believe they’re going to do it, even if she wins the voting.

    • rtf2190

      I requested Shinichi Osawa, Towa Tei, and Daichi Miura.

      Why Towa Tei? I REALLY think Namie would slay with a cover of this song with him producing it, Engrish and everything: