Namie Amuro Announces Dates for Her Farewell Tour

The sun is setting on Namie Amuro’s career, but not before one last tour! As previously reported, Namie will venture out on her final tour next year. “namie amuro Final Tour 2018 ~Finally~” will see Namie performing at Japan’s five major domes, along with additional shows across Asia.

The advance ticket lottery for fan club members for the Japan concerts opened today at noon JST. Ticket details for the Asian concerts will be announced at a later date.

Fans can still vote through the end of the year for the setlist here.

Check out the date for Namie’s final tour below!

Japanese shows:
2/17 – 18/18: Nagoya Dome
2/24 – 25/18: Fukuoka Dome
4/14/18: Sapporo Dome
4/21 – 22, 25 – 26/18: Kyocera Dome Osaka
5/2 – 3, 5 – 6/18 and 6/2 – 3/18: Tokyo Dome

Asian shows:
3/17 – 18/18: Shenzhen Bay Sports Center
3/31/18: Hong Kong Coliseum
5/19 – 20/18: Taipei Arena


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    • eplizo

      I really wish she’d come to the States… or that she’d do the shows later next year when I’d actually be in Japan. 😭

    • 2918394 aaa

      does anyone know how someone outside of japan can buy tickets to her show?

      • あっちゃん

        If you’re from overseas, you’re not allowed to buy tickets online. You specifically need to be in Japan or a member of her fan club to get her tickets via official website of Namie Amuro’s.

        • SL589

          This isn’t true. I’ve purchased her tickets via Ticket Board before as an oversea fan. You just have to wait for the general sales if you are not in her fan club etc. If you are a foreign fan and in her fan club (like me) you can apply for the tickets now.

          • あっちゃん

            Oh, okay. I thought overseas fans have to be specifically in Japan in order to get the tickets at the convenience store and it’s easier to get the tickets in Japan earlier, because mostly popular solo artists or rock bands gets their tickets sold out even before the tickets sales begins, which I think. 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • amrayu

          I registered to her fan club about a week ago and I was able to register for the pre-sale lotto. There were no glitches at all!

      • SL589

        Overseas fans can buy tickets for the Japan Dome Tour – however, right now it’s only open to fan club members, followed by the first press CD code lottery and then open to the general public. Since her concert tickets are digital, you have to open an account with Ticket Board to buy them – they have an English page for all the oversea fans. I’ve purchased in the past etc. Keep checking Ticket Board’s page on when the tickets go on sale for the general public. You will need to have a mobile phone that can load the tickets and no refunds.

        If you are aiming for the China, Hong Kong and Taiwan dates, stay tune as the information isn’t updated yet etc.

        • Elisa Sembiring

          HI There, im aiming going to Hong Kong concert. Do you know where to buy the ticket online? any reliable web? thanks!

          • SL589

            Regarding her concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, it hasn’t been announced yet re the purchase of tickets online. It should be up later this month or early Feb. I would closely watch this page on her official website:

        • Ee Lin 菱

          Hello I am a foreign fan but not a fan club member. I have a few questions. I am seeing that there is currently a presale of Fukuoka and Sapporo tickets going on. Does this mean that there will be a general sale for non fan club members later?
          Also, may I know if the Osaka / Tokyo tickets had already been opened for general sales? Did I miss it? Or it has not been open for general sales yet?

    • What

      Come to Toronto Namieee :(

    • Um….where my date for the US? Not even one, Queen?

    • amrayu

      I registered for the lotto! HOPE I GET IT!!!

      • Bobson Dugnutt

        Good luck!!