YUKI to Release New Single “Flag wo Tatero”

YUKI is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of her solo career. On November 22, she will release her new single “Flag wo Tatero.” The song serves as the theme song for the NHK anime series “3gatsu no Lion.” Check out more information on the single below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

1. フラッグを立てろ (Flag wo Tatero)
2. yes

Limited Edition DVD
1. 「3月のライオン」第2シリーズ ノンクレジットオープニングムービー (“3gatsu no Lion” Dai 2 Series Non-Credit Opening Movie)


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    • Liokt

      So… Her contract with Sony has ended, right? And she will release a new single? Under which label? An independent one, by herself?

      • ongakui

        This will be her last single to be released under Sony, ‘cause it was recorded while still being with said company