Watch the short ver. of Koda Kumi’s new MV “PARTY”

Elusive chanteuse Koda Kumi has released the short version of her MV for PARTY, the main promotional song for her upcoming studio album AND.

The video begins with Koda walking into an empty restaurant, and proceeds to do a little self-promotion by handing some bored looking people flyers to her PlayRoom “devils party”. The date is listed as November 13th, perhaps giving a clue as to when her next studio album will be released later this year.

Koda and her newly formed gang dance their way to the club while mingling and taking shots. For those in Japan GYAO! has an exclusive special version of the PARTY MV, click here to watch it.

On April 29th she will be embarking on a fanclub only tour in support of the album. AND is going to be released on Feburary 28th, 2018. Watch the short version of PARTY below!

  • Comments

    • Thomas

      oh no…

    • Party Party

      “The date is listed as November 13th, perhaps giving a clue as to when her next studio album will be released later this year.”

      Or it could be that that is her birthday and she’s inviting people to party…

    • ♥Cat♦On♠The♣Street♥

      I know she didn’t think this was a bop. Imma need her to re-evaluate some things and move in a new direction.

    • annie

      literally what does she do all day in the studio

    • Sui

      Wow I really like the beat to this song👍🏻

    • death_signs

      I’m so going to use this song for house parties and the pub where I work at!!! Such a nice rhythm to dance to

    • Ruriyuri

      Man kuu-chan looking soooo fine😍

    • Elissa

      This lady is really the embodiment of Ero-kakkoii. Like her sexy cool image.

    • Omar the star

      I know she didn’t think this tired dubstep break in lieu of an actual chorus was gonna work.

      Isn’t she tired? The state of J-POP I swear…

    • Ukissmyass

      Appreciate a solo acts that can both sing and dance. Maybe that’s why I really like artists like koda kumi, miura daichi and nissy makes me wonder how they hold up for the entire solo concerts

    • Mina

      Kuu-Chan with poodle hair😍Just too adorable💕

    • Lime bar chuckles

      Looking forward to the new album!

    • Dalooshe

      I got 2000s vibes from this song – I appreciate that she’s somewhat putting an effort and the energy from the years past. It might be just me but I had several crossover tunes run in my head from Pink’s U+UR Hand to Flo Rida’s Low.

    • It hurt my ears a little but I can get with it I guess.

    • Seriously, the best Koda Kumi club track in ages.