[WATCH] Seiko Oomori’s haunting MV for “Watashimi”

Seiko Oomori this month drops her single “draw(A)drow“, a blistering rock number courtesy TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. It’s b-side however, is the polar opposite. Almost what fans would consider a ‘classic’ Seiko Oomori track, “Watashimi” is a quiet, pondering stroll with her trademark acoustic guitar taking full center on the instrumental.

Seiko here provides a pained vocal performance and indeed delivers one of her most achingly personal tracks in quite some time. While it may sound like it could belong on an early release like “Pink” or “Mahou ga Tsukaenai Nara Shinitai” it does benefit from some beautiful and warm “Avex” production values, with a sweet smidgen of electronic glitter sprinkled on top. The MV itself is suitably minimal, featuring Seiko taking a stroll along a pier, eventually ending with her and her sole acapella voice. Check it out below!

Seiko’s single “draw(A)drow” is available August 30 via avex trax. It retails at 1,000 yen (CD only) or 2,500 yen for CD+DVD version. Available to preorder now.

It is being followed up with a new acoustic album “MUTEKI” on September 27.

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    • Shinra-Electric

      KEEP IT! Trash old idol who can’t sing.

      • Utada

        No u keep it

    • guest

      unrelease it, keep it

    • Liokt

      I found it pretty predictable and somehow boring. I do like the title track of the single, its craziness is fresh and on point (for me), but now after watching this video and listening to this song, I’m thinking I truly dislike when she plays this dumb character of “crazy singer-songwriter who can do sentimental pseudo-conceptual introspective acoustic tracks” – too many adjectives, my fault (the funny fact is that I L-O-V-E “Orion Za”, maybe because it develops some real feelings, not artificial ones trying to replicate those). When she jump into the sea and when she sings at the end of the video with her purposely cringey and forced vocals of a human being under torture, I thought “Oh, really? Is this the best you can do now to ‘shock’ audience and show yourself as a ‘subversive’ idol?”. I mean, I feel like I have predicted these scenes. Until “M”, it was nice, “cool” and acceptable; now it sounds annoying, uninspired and dull. I’m not saying silly stuff like “she’d better reinvent herself blah blah blah” because, like I said, “draw(A)drow” sounds really good to me, but for me “Watashimi” is a turn-off.