Watch the full version of Namie Amuro’s “Showtime” MV

Tomorrow marks the release of Namie Amuro‘s highly anticipated BEST album Finally.

Amuro’s 6th compilation album overall, the album celebrates her 25 years in show business. The album comes with six new songs and re-recordings of over 35 singles spanning her entire career, starting with Mister U.S.A up until her 39th single Tsuki. 5 of the 6 new songs on the album will also receive it’s very own MV.

The song Showtime was selected as one of the primary promotional songs for the album. It’s currently serving as the theme song for the TBS drama series Princess Princess. The MV features a glammed up Amuro as a prisoner in jail, where all the guards are actually children! Finally will hit Japanese store shelves nationwide on November 8th, 2017.

Watch the full Showtime MV below the jump.

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    • HD

      Love this. Her new 7-11 ad is really cute too.

      As an aside…it annoyed me GC was pretty much like “OMG!! Namie’s so cute!! Pigtails! Kawaii<3" while whenever Ayu dresses like that it's "she's so old, it's embarrassing, she shouldn't dress like that at her age" when she's a year younger. BE FAIR.

      • Ntouch

        This has nothing about being fair. Some just happens to appeal the public better than others.

      • chica

        it’s because they think namie still looks young, youthful, thin, has good body proportions so it’s ‘excusable.’ look at any ayu post on girlschannel and they’re bashing her looks and body.

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      I really like the Finally PV and I hope she releases a full PV for Christmas Wish instead of just the ads because it’s one of my favourite songs by her.
      I kind of liked this video… Not my kind of thing normally but she’s super cute 😍❤️
      I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for her last year in the music industry ^^

    • K

      Wide shows yesterday speculated this will hit a million copies, I’ll be happy if it does!!!

      • Liokt

        I doubt it… Maybe 500k?

        • mina

          the news/wide shows estimated it will sell 1 mil total, not in the first week alone lmao. it’s possible considering this is her last album (for now, if you believe avex’s advertising) and there has been a lot of amuro nostalgia lately. her 1996 giant docomo ad was brought back to shibuya and people were freaking out.

        • K

          They’re not pulling the numbers out of their ass lol. It was reported it exceeded 1 mil in preorders, but first week sales speculations are still up in the air.

        • yacchaitai

          first day hit 459k

    • Step Rivera

      This is a great birthday gift! I really liked the song and music video. Finally was very touching and emotional to me because I have been a fan of hers for 7 years, so it is bittersweet, but I’m glad she is going to get a well deserved break.

    • eplizo

      Noooooo @ the “Bye” at the end!😭😭😭😭

      I think it’s cute tho. She looks absolutely amazing!