Tsunku Really Wants Kanashiki Heaven To Happen

C-ute’s official youtube channel has recently uploaded the PV for Kanashiki Heaven (single ver). Kanashiki Heaven is a very familiar sight to C-ute fans.

The song was originally included on their 19th single Aitai Aitai Aitai na as a b-side, a duet sung by members Airi Suzuki and Chisato Okai. The music video for the song was filmed shortly after the single release and was included on C-ute’s 2nd best album ②℃-ute神聖なるベストアルバム. Not done yet! The song was featured on yet another release, this time on C-ute’s 21st single Crazy Kanzen na Otona. For this release three different versions were included on the single. One with only Airi’s vocals, one with only Chisato’s vocals and then an instrumental.

When commenting about the single Tsunku claimed he wanted the song to have a proper place in C-ute’s discography. Even though fans already know of the song he wants more of the general public to be exposed to it. Shouldn’t this have happened earlier? Kanashiki Heaven is almost two years old. Anyway, check out both the new and old versions below. Which do you like better?

Kanashiki Heaven (single ver)

Kanashiki Heaven

Kanashiki Heaven (single ver) will be released July 16th as a double a-side, coupled with The Power .

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    • 988235

      The new vesion doesn’t sound as “powerful” as the old one

    • La Tortura

      The Power sounds like a leftover Berryz song…and this new ver barely sounds that different. Not enough to warrant it being a single. Someone in c-ute must have pissed Tsunku off

      • pedovka

        Okai Chisato?

        • La Tortura

          Chisato?? What did she do

          • pedovka

            Just a candidature. Why do you think something wrong with C-ute?

    • Sam Ui

      omg i’m dying at the clip at the end of the original version

    • Ryan

      I don’t really like either of them but the new PV is a surprise from H!P

    • Bubi.

      i’ve been waiting 10 years for them to put a song as good as this out

      • Joe Gibken

        Whoa. Megumi was still there. I’m wondering if she didn’t left, there would be Airi / Maimi / Megumi as the three centers of C-ute.

      • eureeka

        Ooki na is STILL my jam. Other than Tokkaiko their post-official debut stuff is whatevs.