Tomomi Itano makes fitness sexy in new “OMG” PV

Chanteuse Tomomi Itano has revealed the short music video for her new single “OMG“.

The song follows the story a swaggie girl who attracts all the boys around her with her charms and love for fitness. The PV transforms a grimy concrete studio into a fluorescent-lit gym space. In between gains, Itano delivers her sexy “onedari” (begging) dance with her four backup dancers. The breakdown will truly have you saying OMG.

Check it out below!

Tomochin will release her sophomore album Get Ready on November 2, a follow up to her 2014 debut album S×W×A×G. It will be sold in three formats: limited edition CD + DVD, limited edition CD + photo book, and a CD only version.

Not only is Get Ready the title of her album, but also a warning because she knows we’re not ready to be slain again after hits such as “SWAGGALICIOUS” and “BOW WOW” produced from her previous effort.

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    • She’s trying that Ariana Grande ‘Side to Side’ MV look.
      Anyway couldn’t make it through the song. Sorry Tomochin.

    • surfboardt

      Should’ve used my Arama tip subject line as the title tbh.
      “Swaggalicious chanteuse comes to slay Aki-P’s 2-D(emonic) army”

      • omg i should have but honestly i dissociated as soon as i realized it was out and didn’t think to check my email

    • Brett

      slayedT. snatchedT. baldT. draggedT.

    • BAD KID

      this is #sensual

    • she has done it again

    • O.M.G.


    • alaya

      this is why amuro didn’t release an album this year

      grandma can’t compete with this SWAG tho

    • Moon

      Lazy ass dancing. Her singing in the chorus reminds me of Kahala Tomomi.

      • kazu_no_ko

        The cm at the end of her short pv shows her doing the same moves in all 3 videos. smh

    • yacchaitai

      Queen of J-pop! Queen of Violent Breasts!! #1 Power vocalist!!!

    • atralail

      “The breakdown will truly have you saying OMG.” i’M GUFFAWING

    • Itano Tomomi

      Say what you want, but Itano Tomomi’s songs are quite catchy. “SxWxAxG” actually is better than expected, is a great idol album. And her singles for this album maintained the “greatness” of that album’s songs, specially “Wanna be now”, “SWAGGALICIOUS”, “Girls Do”, “Dear J”…
      I find her really pretty, despite not being a natural beauty. She just really lacks stage presence and charisma, plus she could have already tried to get better at singing but anyway.
      I’m rather curious about her next album, tho. I mean, what else can she do besides this? I think Maeda Atsuko, for example, has a more promising career. If only Itano Tomomi just tried to get better at singing and stopped trying to copy other’s styles…

      • honestly Dear J is one of my favorite J-pop in the past 5 years

        • yacchaitai

          the best akb related single ever released!!!

    • monica_monami

      Emm…nah. this kinda make me cringe. I like her other stuff better. Maybe next time.

    • Guest

      Not nearly enough bukkake to be sexy

    • nothingsover

      Tbh this is gonna be my new workout jam~ $LAY $W@G QU33N <3 Lol but really I do like this song quite a bit. I've actually always liked Tomochin's solo music. Some are better than others… But I LOVE her B-Sides. Dear J (and it's b-sides) is still one of my favorite singles.

    • Hillias

      How swaggalicious…

    • ……………I don’t know if what I’ve read is true excitement or sarcasm……….comments and article both got me confused.

      • it’s both tbh i love her but she’s a mess

    • lolipopo

      I expected a trashy bop, not a trashy dud.

    • She had better sings before, this one is just…. average. And well, her voice is still kinda annoying.

    • ChaiChai

      OMG WTF?!

    • DEX

      The only reason i bought her first album was Jan-paran!! Love the song.

      The new song is catchy yes but forgettable. The MV does nothing for me. Not a video guy.

      She has her own style for sure. Some love it and some hate it.

    • avarus

      I like the new song and video, a little bit sexier than usual but … still nice. Too bad the second album isn’t having too many new tracks, just 4 esclusive ones, all the rest have been on her last singles, guess her fans will just get it for the photos and stuff. GANBATTE TOMOCHIN !

    • Thomas

      When will she release her “Some Boys! Touch” tho