Suiyoubi no Campanella’s KOM_I parties hard with “Ikkyuu-san” in their new MV

Suiyoubi no Campanella‘s new album “SUPERMAN” is coming in less than a month, so the leading track of the album “Ikkyuu-san”, already released via iTunes, has received its own MV! The title refers to the anime series of the same name which tells the story of a young buddhist monk called “Ikkyuu-san” who always finds a way to solve problems with intelligence, avoiding violence. In the MV, KOM_I bumps with a modern version of Ikkyuu-san and immediately falls in love, keeping an eye on him while enjoying the rather vibrant party. However, Ikkyuu-san is not what everyone thinks and hides something from all the assistants to the party. Check the MV and a pic she shared five days ago from the shooting just after the jump!

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    • Sou

      Also just realized how, after translating their name to “WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA” for last year’s SXSW, they have now translated every song they have released apart from the old ones only in demos and this one. Not romanized, but translated! (マッチ売りの少女 has gone to “The Little Match Girl” instead of “Match Uri no Shoujo”, same with Kamehameha Daiou)

      • Trying to appeal more to the Western Market who go looking for their song after a gig, I guess.

    • eplizo

      Super cute lol. I love it.

    • Ash

      Goddamn I love her outfit in this one. Song is OK.

    • annie

      lol as soon as i realized that was endo i stuck around

    • Could be a great song, but those returning rap parts always manage to ruin the vibe. Her singing voice is great, but her flow is still horrible…. really, she should just quit rapping, it would be better for everyone.