Suiyoubi no Campanella reveals new MV “Matsuo Basho”

Electronic group Suiyoubi no Campanella has just released a new song called “Matsuo Basho”. Matsuo Basho was a famous poet who lived back in the Edo period in Japan, who is now remembered as one of the best, if not the greatest, haiku poet. The song serves as a tie-in with the newest TOYOTA car, TOYOTA PRIUS. The MV takes us on a trip from a factory-like corridor to a laboratory to tens of other settings in a matter of seconds, with recurring appearances of frontwoman KOM_I and the TOYOTA PRIUS. Further information about release formats for this new track are yet unknown. Check the song and its MV just after the jump!

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    • NatSamui

      One more song from Suiyoubi that is not going to be released as a single? That song COLORHOLIC was pretty good, but it was only MV :(

      • Summerlights

        I think this is highly likely to appear on the next album. You can tell bc of the name (album tracks are always references to historic figures, places, popular culture etc). Maybe a reworked version of the song from the Colorholic video too?? lol we can hope.

        • NatSamui

          Let’s believe in it together~
          Dattebayo :)

    • I get that thematically this couldn’t have gone on UMA but the sound is so fitting that it almost feels like UMA was released too early and should’ve had more tracks. I really dig this song, they keep putting out good stuff.