SALU Is a Bored Cashier in “LIFE STYLE” PV

On May 24, SALU released his new album, “INDIGO.” He has now released a music video for the album’s second track, “LIFE STYLE.” The song feaures Kan a.k.a. GAMI and D.O, and is produced by Chaki Zulu. In the clip, SALU plays a bored cashier at a convenience store, when things take an interesting turn. The song’s guests arrive and usher SALU into a stereotypically Western rap video, complete with women twerking in bikinis.

In related SALU news, he also appears on the remix of JP THE WAVY’s “Cho Wavy De Gomenne.” Check out the music videos for both songs below!


Cho Wavy De Gomenne Remix

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    • hasawa

      FINALLY!!! “LIFE STYLE” is SO GOOD!!! It’s been an eternity since i didn’t enjoy that much one of his song!! Thank you for sharing!!!!
      “Cho Wavy de Gomen ne” remix is good too!! His verse is very cool!! SALU has always been the best when doing reckless heavy ass rap anyway (i really didn’t like how sloppy and ‘safe’ his music became in Good Morning). Btw, he’s such a cutie in that heavy gansta style in “LIFE STYLE”, the f*ck??! (that’s the first time i haven’t been embarassed by his bleached hair) He’s like pulling out that cute-gansta look so effortlessly?!! Bless him!!!

      • Speaking of SALU’s rapping, the two songs I like the most by him recently weren’t even on his actual albums.

        • Kyrie

          Yes!!! I love we go on. SALU, AKLO, and KOHH are the real MVPs when it comes to Japanese rap. I never thought that anyone could top KREVA when it came to having actual good flow, but I was wrong! You should listen to Studiolife that features AKLO and SALU.

          • I like that song as well.