Sakanaction Releases Music Video for Very Electronic “SORATO”

Last October, Sakanaction released the single “Tabun, Kaze.” The single’s B-side, “moon”, served as the CM song for au×HAKUTO MOON CHALLENGE. “moon” is an electronic instrumental track that features chanting. Sakanaction has breathed new life into “moon”, resulting in “SORATO.” Compared to “moon”, “SORATO” is more upbeat, more ready for the club. Check out the video for it below!

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      Also, did Mercedes and Louis Vuitton pay for their products to be in the video?

      • S.

        I know, I can’t wait any longer either

      • Michele

        I was about to ask the same question. GET. ON. WITH. IT.

      • Dewsa

        They’ve already got at least 6 or 7 singles from the last few years to put on the album, so it shouldn’t be too long now. Maybe when this auXHakuto thing is over they’ll announce a release date.

        And with the Mercedes and Louis Vuitton thing, they probably did. They’ve not “sold out” since I don’t think it’s affected their music quality negatively, but they’ve been a very “commercial” group for a long time now, what with all the songs for CMs, dramas, movies, events and stuff.

    • listen, I know there was a song and a video in there somewhere but the only question of importance I have is where do I get that Punk Floyd jacket