Morning Musume ’17 release “BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy” PVs

Idol group Morning Musume have released both music videos for their new double A-side “BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy“.

As the group’s 63rd single, “BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy” marks their first release as Morning Musume ’17 as well as the debut of their thirteenth generation, which includes former Hello Pro Kenshuusei members Kaede Kaga and Reina Yokoyama.


As the first single in the year that marks the group’s 20th anniversary “BRAND NEW MORNING” evokes a new era for the long running idol group. Lyricst Hoshibe Sho explained the more political message behind both singles, believing the group should be able to hold persuasiveness over society and sing a worldwide message.

As depicted in the PV, Hoshibe wishes to transform Morning Musume into the new era of Hello! Project’s “flag-bearer for reform.”

Jealousy Jealousy

In the song “Jealousy Jealousy“, Morning Musume is confident in their aspirations to be praised and idolized. Along with its orchestral synths and and playful rap verses, the lyrics consider how jealousy, although often a sign of insecurity, can inspire the world and push change forward.

In the video, Morning Musume explore the concepts of jealousy and “taking sides” visually.

Masaki Sato doesn’t participate in the A-sides’s as she is still on hiatus recovering from spinal disc herniation.

Morning Musume ’17s 63rd single “BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy” will be released on March 8, 2017 in five editions: 3 limited and 2 regular. The first press of the regular editions comes with a random trading card of 13 kinds depending on the jackets. The limited editions comes with an event lottery serial number card.

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    • Mar

      I really enjoyed Ayumi’s dance. I wish she had more screen shots

    • hasawa

      Both songs are quite ok ( i’ve got a preference for “BRAND NEW MORNING” tho) but the band isn’t nearly as bold as it was few years ago. It feels like it’s missing a charismatic leading figure like Reina Tanaka, Riho (even though i didn’t like her i appreciated her ‘straight forward’ singing and energy – she would have been a great leader) or Sayumi Michishige (she sure had a weak ass voice but she stood out by her beauty lol).
      With the current cast the band members really look like each other (i know it’s pretty common in idols group but i always appreciated Momusu for having more dinstinctive individuals) and honestly barely none of them is actually standing out… :-/

      • lovehello

        you seem so stuck up just to be stuck up. Just because you stopped listening to them after Password is 0, doesn’t mean they stopped putting out good songs since then. Morning Musume is still the most respected idol group (not most popular of course) so I don’t even know where you think you’re getting your information from. Please stop pretending that you only consume the top most quality idol music because you are going to make me miscarry

        • hasawa

          Oh god just chill already
          Where did i say i was consuming ‘top qualiy idol music’ (does your butthurtness make you see things? Lol) or stopped listening to them past 2014?
          God yall are so annoying to get deadass butthurt whenever someone dares to say shit about your faves…smh

    • guest

      I love Brand New Morning! Their best song in the last few years, in my opinion.

      Kaede is really pretty. She reminds me of some HK actress.

      Masaki will be coming back for MM’s cons btw:

    • I don’t care much for Jealousy, Jealousy but Brand New Morning is pretty catchy.

    • eureeka

      I’m totally here for this, more than I have been in a while. Liking both songs, Brand New Morning is a jam but I like the slight funkiness of Jealousy, Jealousy too.

    • MM Fan

      Jealousy Jealousy is the first Tsunku-produced MM song I’ve really liked since Riho’s grad single, but Brand New Morning slightly wins me over with Erina’s solo part.

    • omg 13th gen sing even worse than 12th, didnt even think that was possible, wig

      The group sound sooooo much better without Masaki and I’m glad to see another Miki push because she’s been slowly improving and can improve a lot if the management actually bothered to give the singing lessons Juice=Juice get to her. The songs are okay, Jealousy x2 sounds like another Ijiwaru blahblah knock off and Brand New Morning is something… they’re off to a great start for 2017, can’t wait to see what they bring later this year

    • Ciça

      I’m really proud of morning musume these days ♡ I started to be a fan since 2013 and honestly I believe they’re in the best shape now. Although the 12th generation didn’t stand out when they debuted, they’re making their names. Miki Nonaka always updates international fans making videos on Up Front official facebook, Maria Makino is cover of a magazine and even the announcement of the new members was quite remarkable (if you see the video, members all had emotions when Kaede Kaga entered the room). Also, they seem to be pretty popular in Japan now.
      I hope Up Front can promote them (or other groups) in more Japanese festivals over the world and spread their songs.