LAMP IN TERREN show us the world in PV for “Chikyuugi”

This week up-and-coming band LAMP IN TERREN will be releasing their third major album “fantasia“.  While they’ve already revealed a music video for “Namidaseigun no Yoru“, the group have decided to put out another PV to celebrate the record’s release, this time for its second song “Chikyuugi”.

The video for this positive, dance-oriented number was directed by Yuta Sekiyama and features performance scenes which have been overlapped with images of everyday life, courtesy of projectors placed behind the camera.  Of note, with the release of this PV, five of the ten songs on “fantasia” have music videos available on Youtube.

You’ll find the full PV for “Chikyuugi” just beneath the cut.

(via natalie)

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      Now this is a great song right from the start to the nice ending. The music video reminds me of a dark version of Hoshino Gen’s “Koi”, I always love seeing the lyrics on the side and the “projected images” idea wasn’t annoying.

      Just a side note, although I like his “band-hair”, these bands always look the same, at least for their music videos. What really distinguishes them is the vocalist’s voice and their sound, isn’t it?