Koda Kumi Releases Music Video for Summer Bop “LIT”

Pop diva Koda Kumi has released the music video for her 60th single “LIT“—and whether it lives up to its title is up to you fam 😂👌🔥💯.

With “LIT“, Kuu brings a performance-centric video with her female backup dancers getting “crazy” in a variety of settings, including a watery dance scene.

As previously reported, “LIT” is a limited edition single and will not be sold at the standard music outlets such as HMV, TOWER RECORDS, and Amazon.jp. Only one version of “LIT” will be available for purchase—a CD+DVD in a deluxe packaging—at live venues for Koda’s current tour “LIVE TOUR 2017 ~W FACE~” and via avex trax’s official online shop mu-mo.

Check out the video below!

Koda Kumi’s “LIT” single serves as the first part of a series of limited edition single releases; she will release another limited edition single in October, and one more in December.

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    • Lemon

      It’s not very lit, fam. Reporting this misleading title to the Better Business Bureau.

      • kazu_no_ko

        I was expecting something more R&B-ish and was disappointed by this mess. She needs to do better.

    • BAD KID

      why would she name this LIT i was expecting something rly messy. she better come thru with the october single cause she’s obviously saving december for the winter ballad

    • honey girl

      You know, I’m just really astounded at the fact that homegirl gets up and goes to the studio for these 2 – 3 day long recording sessions to only produce shit like this. Like what even is her sound anymore? Does she even know what it is? She has released not a single likable thing since the Bon Voyage era and even then it was still crap compared to her previous stuff. Maybe it’s nostalgia that makes me keep giving her a chance…or the fact I look to see if she’s going top the mess she tries to see will stick. I just need her to do something…that doesnt make her seem like she’s chasing after Kana/E-Girls fans.

      As for the video, lol those shoes are too damn big for her. She barely could DANCE in them. Why would her stylist even think it was practical for her to wear them for such a routine? Also how come all the dancers had neatly styled hair while they put a raggedy mop on her head? Like this entire video…is tragic.

      • kiwi

        And they kept zooming in on those boat shoes!

      • On the same note, this recently popped up in my YouTube suggestions after not having listened to it for years: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe_TyUIlQ9o

        Go back to this!

        • Lemon

          that fUCKING split

        • Partay

          this album was everything

        • Michele

          That’s from the glory days of J-Pop (or female pop in general).

        • …what year was this?!

          • Lemon

            Early 2008

      • S.

        ikr… she was my #1 fav for a long time but ever since Bon Voyage (which was far from being her best album, might I add) I have no feelings for her

      • Michele

        Sadly what you said about her is also true for most of her peers, even those who are still relevant.

      • what?

        Mai Kuraki stans better to be quiet. She can’t perform at all and her recent material is even worse.

      • sohly20

        I’m waiting for this girl to give me something better since 2010. (She’s had a couple of good songs, but the albums she’s released, if you ask me, since Kingdom, simply suck.) She’s the reason I got into J-Pop, and this wench just keeps disappointing me. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m done with her. (For the most part, anyway.)

    • surfboardt

      Somehow fell below expectations which were already set low due to the song title.

    • yacchaitai

      what the fuck is that mop on her head

      • kazu_no_ko

        I was hoping that her hairstyle would change part way, but nope: it remained a hot mess… I’m walking away from all of that mess…smh at her head…

    • Brett

      ok idk what song the HATERS below listened to, but this is her best single since Love Me Back. I was expecting an EDM mess with that title but she DELIVERED a modern retro bop??? Mawma, you better WERK! I’m just sad I can’t bulk buy this from CDJapan.

      • Kyrie

        I agree! This is actually a good solid pop song from her. The song’s title doesn’t fit the song, but I am glad for her!

      • well

        They have no taste.

    • Partay

      Well, its no “EX TAPE”…

    • Matcha

      This makes me super uncomfortable to watch. Are those high waisted mom pants?

    • angel223_

      I cann…
      The pv is too messy to watch.

    • l3012

      Call me back when she releases another Driving Hits please.

    • nijiminto

      okay, Kuu needs other producers with a modern sound

    • 浜崎あゆみ

      I can’t. She doesn’t deserve this hate at all. Kuu is still a great performer, so you can choke.

    • The interesting fact.

      This song was composed and arranged by her husband. I think that’s cute.

    • ….it wasn’t that bad, guys.

    • avex shocked fans

      avex uploaded the full version in 1080p on their official channel!