Koda Kumi “brings da fire” in new MV for “HUSH”

Singer Koda Kumi has released the MV for her latest single HUSH. 

HUSH is being promoted as the singers 61st single overall, but it will not be getting a standard commercial release. Similarly to her last release LIT, physical copies of HUSH can only be bought at venues for her current live tour “KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2017 ~W FACE~” and avex’s official online shop mu-mo. Additionally, the single is available digitally at all the usual platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, and LINE MUSIC.

HUSH is described as an upbeat “dope” track where Kumi shows off her powerful voice, she even raps in the song too. The videos budget, or lack thereof, is on full display as Kumi dances while various MSpaint graphics splash across the screen.

Kumi will be releasing a third special single in December, fans who purchase all 3 of these “special” singles will receive an exclusive bonus, but the details of what the bonus actually is has not been revealed yet. Watch the full MV for HUSH below the jump.

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    • HyperMoot .

      Fire + Bitch + Wonder Bra + rap (clubbers style) + the latest CG from Windose 10. I’m so glad to live in a globalized world.

    • yacchaitai

      i thought you guys were joking about the ms paint thing before i watched the video

    • surfboardt

      SO LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • DT

      Are people even still interested in what she does?

    • ChaiChai

      Uh, so the third single will be whiny winter ballad…

    • annie

      wtf avex
      she needs to start picking better songs too

    • Yuna

      I never write comments on here but this time I had to.
      First, when Bruno Mars released the video for That’s what I like (that has the same concept) nobody complained about it. People didn’t call it cheap because it’s simple.

      And yes, Kumi is not so famous anymore, we all know that, and so what? Some people (like me) still care about her and what she does.
      I personally like this song and the video, even if it’s not her best work. But W FACE was a very good album and her Live Tour is awesome.

      Why are people coming here bitching about someone they don’t even like? What a waste of time. I seriously don’t get it.

      • HyperMoot .

        “Why are people coming here bitching about someone they don’t even like? What a waste of time. I seriously don’t get it.” It’s a tradition here. You get used to it after a period of training. Remember that it’s an entertainment blog not a fan service site, so I guess people find some pleasure on bitching about and slamming whoever they don’t like, if you leave aside a few sacred cows nearly everyone gets a fair share of boos.

      • Ringo

        When it comes to Kuu or Ayu everybody always complains, but when Namie released basic cheap crap like Stranger and Can You Celebrate 2014 PVs everybody kissed her ass. That’s how it works since some years ago.

        • Ntouch

          Yet you throw shade at another artist to support yours. A cowards move. Hypocrite may I add

      • Ntouch

        Kumi is still pretty damn famous. Just not as sellable and no one wants to buy into her crap is her problem.

    • So93

      So yes, it is not elitist, it is not expensive, but yes people are still enjoying her music. People are still looking forward her next release. People are still going to her concerts. So what? Let people live. I like this song and I don’t care if the MV doesn’t look expensive or whatnot. I enjoy her music, period. I don’t check the amount of money she spends on a song or how many people buys her CD before asking myself if I should like it or not. Looking at the comments every time there’s a post about Kumi on this website, that’s the impression I get. She doesn’t sell, so we must talk shit about her.