Kiko Mizuhara Stars in The Weeknd’s Music Video for “I Feel It Coming”

The Weeknd isn’t really a person that we post about here on Arama! Japan given that he doesn’t fall into the scope of this site; but today, he does! A few hours ago, the Canadian singer released the music video for his Daft Punk collaboration “I Feel It Coming”, the second single off his 2016 album “Starboy.” Viewers of the video may not know the name of his beautiful co-star, but readers of this site do: Kiko Mizuhara. Yes, Kiko plays the love interest of The Weeknd in his new music video! The pair dance under the moonlight, until something unusual happens.

Check out the video below!

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    • Jo

      Probably my least favourite track that related to Daft Punk’s name.

      • hasawa

        Daft punk stopped being relevant since years now imo
        Also their 80s’ synth pop retro imagery is getting old…

        • Jo

          If I’m just looking for relevant music I wouldn’t be listening to what I’m listening at the moment.

        • starlightshimmers

          I’d say after Get Lucky, Daft Punk is meh. The best Daft Punk album for me is still Discovery from 2001.

          • hasawa

            Tbh i think their downfall started since “Get Lucky” (which is their most overrated song imo) but yeah “Discovery” is definitively their best piece of work!

      • sarajgh

        I prefer it to Starboy tbh.

        • Jo

          You are right, that track was a shame to Daft Punk’s name

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      YAAAAAAEEEES KIKO!!!! SHE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS HGFGFHCDS I CAN’T TvT. Song is pretty good! Gives me MJ vibes which I love :).

      • eureeka

        As I was listening I totally said this sounds like it could be an MJ song.

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          I love it! :). As a HUGE fan of MJ (the King of Pop always and forever ), The Weeknd and Kiko Mizuhara, I am honestly in love with this song. I keep replaying it lmfaaaaoooo XD.

          • rapinii

            The Weeknd is my favorite western artist BY FAR, otherwise I’m into japanese stuff otherwise. He covered MJ before :)

            • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

              You beat me to it! As soon as I made my comment I remembered about this cover and was going to post it here. I really like his style cause yes in a way he sounds like MJ (Obviously influenced by him like I am pretty sure almost all pop artists are) but he is still unique in his sound and presentation at least imo. I listen to very few artists from nowadays. I have a very eclectic taste lol XD. I love J-Rock and some Jpop obviously but I also love some Kpop, some K-Hip Hop, Latin Pop, Bossa Nova,Salsa, Disco, Funk, I love Trip-Hop (Massive Attack especially ), 90s RnB. Yeah….lol XD.

              • rapinii

                Haha I’m the same way, I like almost every genre, Jpop, triphop too, chill electronic ambient, some kpop, more Japanese indie stuff. I’d say my favs of like the last 2 years are The Weeknd/Daoko/Perfume/Suiyoubi no Campanella :)

                • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

                  I love Perfume! One of my favorite groups :). And like you too I am definitely more into the J-Indie scene out of all the music genres of J-entertainment. My favorite group is The Novembers :). I also like some “old school” J-rock as well like SUPERCAR, Luna Sea, Buck Tick etc.

    • soyulim


    • Hana

      Praise the lord, my Queen is taking over the world!!!

    • Puka

      Kiko, I love you so much!

    • Dalooshe

      oh jeeeezaz I loooooove this collabo!!! Kiko being the fab queen that she isss <333

    • Miyanmu

      Kiko baby, marry me and have my babies!

    • Matcha

      I wish Kiko would step on me and I would thank her for it!

    • Packi

      Kiko, I love you! ♡

    • Marke

      She looks like Aaliyah in the Try Again mv.

    • Dawn

      What’s with the random The Weeknd shade in this post? As if Western artists are never mentioned here.