J☆Dee’Z debut song to be used as “Downtown DX” ending theme

Junior high school dance and vocal group, J☆Dee’Z will have their debut single “Beasty Girls/Let the music flow” featured as the ending theme for “Downtown DX”. Their single will be released on September 24th.

The same song has already been used for the “Choi☆DISCO” theme song and “Chou Ryuuha” September opening theme song. “Downtown DX” will make it a triple tie-up for the unit.

(via: livedoor)

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    • Sabrina

      That girl dressed like that makes me feel uncomfortable. You know which girl

    • Their management is crap. I feel sorry for them. A group like them can do so well overseas but their videos on YouTube are available for Japan only.

      • I agree, but I think sometimes companies don’t even realize their videos are blocked in other countries. I know YouTube vloggers have the problem sometimes.

        • I tweeted to them about it (in Japanese) 3 or 2 times and they never replied :(
          Their twitter has less than 1500 followers so I think it’s easy for them to read fans’ tweets…

    • What

      Ahhh, they’re babies! Stop dressing like that!

    • D・ルフィ

      Oh I remembered that girl. She was in Exile’s 24 Karats Tribe of Gold PV for kodomo version