Happiness Reveals PV for Seek A Light

Following the string of releases from E-girls and sister groups Dream, Flower comes Happiness. Happiness dropped the PV for their 7th single, “Seek A Light” nearly an hour ago and it’s already being talked about on Japanese social media. The single will be released on November 19th and will come four versions.

Please check out the PV below!

  • Comments

    • SLAY!

    • Sarah Mendoza

      Not bad but i don’t like their clothes….

    • Victoria Season

      sounds like a disney song?? all those outfits are just ugly. but kaede is stunning like always. :*

    • semperINA

      Future of JPop~

    • What

      Amazing dancing! However, there were some horrible outfits

    • ferris

      Happiness got some sick dancers i mean wow!

      But i really dont like karen’s vocal mix with ruri….

      • Nana28

        somehow their vocals didn’t mesh in this song…idk

    • Nana28

      Black outfits fine, but ewww to the colourful Cinderella-maid outfit fusion….the song meh waiting for the official follow-up to JUCIY LOVE cause this ain’t it

    • Midori

      YES! This new song is soooo good. I like the new songs from Flower and Dream too, but “Seek A Light” can’t be beat. As a dancer myself, I also love the choreography! ♥

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      Kaede is just soooo stunning <3 Karen is also very gorgeous!

    • yanderenightmares

      Sayaka looks hott!!