Gesu no Kiwami Otome. to Release Their First Single in Over 2 Years

On January 24, Gesu no Kiwami Otome. will release their new single, “Tatakate Shimau yo.” This is the band’s first single since October 2015’s “Otonatic / Muku na Kisetsu.” “Tatakate Shimau yo” serves as the CM song for the smartphone game app “Clash Royale.”

After playing “Clash Royale”, frontman Kawatani Enon wrote the song in 30 minutes. It took half a day to record the song, with the remaining studio time spent playing the game with the other members of Gesu no Kiwami Otome. and staff.

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. recently released the music video for “Tatakate Shimau yo.” In it, Enon is unable to put his phone down, an allusion to the addictive nature of the game it advertises. The single’s covers are an extension of this. Check out all the imagery below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

1. 戦ってしまうよ (Tatakate Shimau yo)
2. イメージセンリャク (Image Senryaku)
3. 息をするために (Iki wo Suru Tame ni)
4. ぶらっくパレード (Black Parade) (Remix by AmPm)

Limited Edition DVD
全国ワンマンツアー「丸三角ゲス」ツアーファイナル in 日比谷野音 (Zenkoku One Man Tour “Maru Sankaku Gesu” Tour Final in Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall)
・あなたには負けない (Anata ni wa Makenai)
・シアワセ林檎 (Shiawase Ringo)
・サイデンティティ (Saidentity)
・午後のハイファイ (Gogo no Hi-Fi)
・心地艶やかに (Kokochi Adeyaka ni)
・ゲストーリー (Gesutory)
・Dancer in the Dancer
・いけないダンス (Ikenai Dance)
・星降る夜に花束を (Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Hanataba wo)
・私以外私じゃないの (Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no) (Remix by PARKGOLF)


  • Comments

    • gus

      It sounds like something off the ‘Miryoku ga Sugoi yo’ album. Has similar production/arrangement with ‘crying march’. I know this band already lost its mojo year ago but they leave a lasting impact to this day (Koi & Zenzenzense were inspired by Watashi Igai & Enon signature emotive half-talking half-singing inspires half the discography of Keyakizaka46)

      • Yeah, I’m reminded of someone saying that Keyakizaka46 is a direct response to the band boom, which Gesu was one of the stars of.

      • hrn

        Just curious, but what do you think are the similarities between Watashi Igai, Koi and Zenzenzense? I can certainly see it for Keyakizaka46, but I’m not as musically inclined to see it for the other two.

        • gus

          there was a YT video explaining it but seems like already deleted, mainly because the rotating progressive-esque guitar riff & production. he also said that koi is a fusion of watashi igai and shin takarajima and I think there’s some truth to it lol.

      • gck_

        Yes!! it sounds like Crying march or something out of their first mini-album. i do think their 2017 album ‘Daruma Ringo’ is way better than Ryoseibai because it’s all over the place & enon sounds so exasperated (I love that). Add AKB48 “Darashinai Aishikata” to that list of songs that sound like Enon!!
        i love that they’re experimenting though like how they released a silly electropop song as a single.

    • eplizo

      This song caught my attention when I heard it in the CM a while ago. I definitely love it.

    • hasawa

      The fake ass story telling of Enon writing the song in 30 min, recording the song in half a day and the whole band crew playing the game afterwards sounds a bit fishy but I guess that’s it takes for promoting some lousy ass gaming app
      The limited CD cover is a bit creppy
      The song is ok.
      I’m here for the drummer glo up tho <3 (I hope her acting career is going well btw)

      • Guest

        Lousy or not, the game does have way over 100 million downloads on Android alone.
        And 30mins for Enon is not unusual since he has demonstrated his writing speed on TV before, and this song is short and there’s so much of his usual formula in it.